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  • noliesxjustlove said 269 weeks ago

  • stablercake said 269 weeks ago

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    Woa, awesome! CONSTRUCTIVISM.

    I want that spaceman shirt o 3o
  • darSTAR said 269 weeks ago

    The game..
    smurf, I lost. You rock.. Lmfao.

    Anyway, interesting shirt.. Nice composition and just overall design.
    Definitely more into the other shirts though like the last one, I'd rock that in a heartbeat.
  • darSTAR said 269 weeks ago

    Wow.. "You rock?" Nice censorship, completely reversed what I intended to say. Haha.
  • kxsoccer31 said 269 weeks ago

    you rock?

    but still this is pretty cool. mr bacon wallet is a little empty though
  • Kafkaesque Panda said 269 weeks ago

    Why are the designs on the sides always cooler than the one being sold?
  • lysol92 said 269 weeks ago

    because cooler designs generally have more ink, which cost more to make, and teefury is pretty cheap already, the reason why most of us check it religiously
  • DeRock said 269 weeks ago

    I have to say, Teefury does an excellent job for a nine dollar shirt. The funny thing is that their shirts fit me better than any I could ever buy in stores, so it's like a double win for me.

    And to all you other manufacturers who sell to Brand name stores:
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 269 weeks ago

    First off, *shakes fist at nolies*
    Secondly, wow, TeeFury is re-editing posts now? That's one of the big things that I dislike about Woot. It comes off so stifling and Big Brothery. I do not like this news at all...
    Thirdly, I don't really get today's design, which sux cuz there's no "tell us about this design" question for once. But it's not my taste anyway. I haven't liked a shirt in awhile

    "*sigh* But there's always tomorrow!" -Sweet Charity :]
  • CPUT99 said 269 weeks ago

    I'm probablyyyy... gonna have to buy this. Love the symmetry! Plus the black and gold, the patterns, it's all solid and a purchase for me. I'm curious what the Kanji is near the upper portion though... I don't wanna be sporting something that says "Ignorant American" or something =X is joke... but, good work nonetheless. Sold!
  • CPUT99 said 269 weeks ago

    Just placed the order! Wahoo! =D
  • ddwibb said 269 weeks ago

    I own the Nihonsei side tee in mens gray. It gets a lot of nice comments. I'm buying this one.
  • illegallydead said 269 weeks ago

    Huh. Interesting design. Not sure that I like the though... It really brings in focus to that little part which is just kinda weird for me.

    Oh, and @DeRock: hahaha I feel your pain man. I'm 6'5" and I swear, everything made today seems to be for short, fat people. XL's range from fitting nice to way too short, and XXL is WAY too "wide" for me. TeeFury's XL's seem to be OK, although I would definitely appreciate a "Tall" size. Are you listening to this oh TeeFury god's? Here, allow me to get myself noticed by the system: you rock?
  • illegallydead said 269 weeks ago

    ^^^ hahahaha OMG wow, props to you teefury gods. You are really getting good at making sure nothing "naughty" gets included. s**k -> rock though? really? It's funny and all but wow...
  • weaksauce said 269 weeks ago

    this one really freaks me out in an unsettling way. i think its the realism of the half-crossed eyes gazing disapprovingly into my soul.

    start publishing some more light-hearted, friendly t-shirts already will ya?! i don't want to wear shirts with frightening devil eyes or scarecrows or ghost pirates. gimme just a nice happy blue FluffySpam or something and I will be content. I think the world of tee fury could stand a bit of kind-hearted sunshine these days...
  • ablake said 269 weeks ago

    This has a very occultish Alistair Crowley feel to it. Reminds me a lot of designs associated with him and his church.
  • DeRock said 269 weeks ago

    Tall size would be amazing! Probably too expensive though... I'm 6'6" and 180 pounds so their large works good for me. I first ordered here like 2 months ago with a XL and let me tell you, it was one of the happiest days of my life. For the first time ever a t-shirt was too long for me! Teefury Gods, I worship you.

    @Weaksauce: agreed, the last t-shirt I bought from here was peace camera, now that was quite a pleasant picture.
  • wotto said 269 weeks ago

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    Amazing artist, awesome design.
  • Redundulus said 269 weeks ago

    Another on the stack. Been buying a lot of designs recently. Thanks for all the quality prints Tee Fury.
  • Qwerty said 269 weeks ago

    Finally. Something that makes me go "Oooh"!

    I love the blue tshirt on the side also! :D
  • Qwerty said 269 weeks ago

    It is saying:

    "PayPal does not allow your country of residence to deliver to the country you wish to"

    I don't know what this means?? ...I WANT THIS SHIRT!
  • Googooboyy said 269 weeks ago

    Looks a little messy, yet technologically-and-scarily rugged. It's like the sort of thing you'd want to wear if you're going one on one in a survival battle on a deserted island, surrounded by flames in the sand, in the middle of the pacific ocean -- and you're wishing there's a bottle of coke somewhere. I think.
  • Wiz said 269 weeks ago

    I have the two shirts on the right :D
    But I'm not feeling it for this design.

    Great artist.
  • ez-kun said 269 weeks ago

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    this artist rocks (not edited, i wrote it like this) and the design is def something a lot of people would love to wear. The symmetry is a bit too much for me though. But hope you sell a ton!
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