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Ever wonder how you can get your art on a TeeFury shirt? The first step is to email a curator :) -


  • PsychoPickle said 272 weeks ago

    Im so buying it
  • lulu88d said 272 weeks ago

    oh man i wanted to be 1st! lol
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 272 weeks ago

    love it, just don't know how I'd look in powder blue...
  • lulu88d said 272 weeks ago

    It's Cool but im not into wearing fish but i really like the side designs!
  • illegallydead said 272 weeks ago

    hmmm.... a bit too chaotic for me. Colors aren't my fav. either. The side art is way better, IMO. And I do believe that the cross/clovers shirt was the awesome shirt I saw on here when I started following this stuff.
    Congrats on getting another printed at the least, but I'm not a big fan of it...
  • kxsoccer31 said 272 weeks ago

    if you think about it, the side art's already been printed so this is your only choice. lol
  • marshalmarvelous said 272 weeks ago

    nice very nice
  • Box_A_Milli said 272 weeks ago

    ehhh.... pretty Yay...
  • Nula said 272 weeks ago

    I volunteer at an aquarium and I am obsessed with all these creatures, but I have no money, so my mantra must be "you do not have to buy everything with sea creatures on it" until the FederalReserve account agrees that I can.

    I like your choice of subject, Sweeney!
  • Mandaz said 272 weeks ago

    I love it! I definitely prefer this hand-drawn direction to the style of your last two tees :)

    I wish that the shirt base were the color of the enlarged image! I'm not a fan of the powder blue as it looks in the image of the actual tees, but I love it in the enlarged image where the background is more of an aqua. But, then, I never know if I'm seeing what it really looks like on this screen anyways...
  • Mr LiberDom said 272 weeks ago

    Amazin design. Must have taken you a minute to complete.
  • Santic4 said 272 weeks ago

    MY awesome Teefury BUY! I'm on The LOW college student Budget and have gone through at least 20 Shirts waiting for one that really Stands out to me and I've finally found it!!! I think its WAY better than the side designs, it has the feel of coming straight out of an artists sketch book, which is what i feel makes this site and others like it unique. not to mention i also love the ocean.
    great design Sweeney!
  • cardinalgoldstein said 272 weeks ago

    Well done.
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 272 weeks ago

    I had a sad because I couldn't buy the Edgar Allen Poe one earlier, but this one will do very nicely. Good job!
  • squeakymouse said 272 weeks ago

    I love this shirt. I really wish they had kids sizes available, though.
  • Iso said 272 weeks ago

    Very good!
    I was so disappointed with the St. Patrick's Day design that I am truly happy to see this improvement!
    Well done! The Sea, Ocean, Fish ect. themes are suitable for a (hot) summer (at a fish restaurant in southern France!).
    I like the purist shadings!
  • dudemanrocks said 272 weeks ago

    i already bought it
  • dmny said 272 weeks ago

    What's up with paying for a shirt? I keep getting an error page when I try to use pay pal.
  • aaran said 272 weeks ago

    ^ same happened to me. i ended up just using a card.
  • donkeyking07 said 272 weeks ago

    I would like it a bajillion times more if it was just a little bit cleaner...
  • haze4peace said 272 weeks ago

    Under the sea
    Under the sea
    Darling it's better
    Down where it's wetter
    Take it from me
    Up on the shore they work all day
    Out in the sun they slave away
    While we devotin'
    Full time to floatin'
    Under the sea!!!!!
  • hurricanesyndrome said 272 weeks ago

    Nice job! Not a buy for me though. I personally don't like the design just floating in the middle. I would definitely get it if I saw it someday in a store somewhere with the sea creatures all over the shirt, back and front. Or, like, swimming from the back to the front.
  • stablercake said 272 weeks ago

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    I dig this one, placement is nice, but the linework is a little sloppy for my taste.

    This is the awesome time I've liked the actual shirt more than the side art, good show :)
  • stablercake said 272 weeks ago

    stablercake's Teefury Badges
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    Wait, why would you filter that word? People use it when they're not saying "f irst" at the top of a page.

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