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Jimiyo suggests that this is a great shirt for the zoo- if you go, snap a picture and add it to the TeeFury Product Pic Pool on Flickr :D -


  • FlashyArse said 271 weeks ago

    I Arrrgggh apes.
  • PsychoPickle said 271 weeks ago

    Buying it
  • FlashyArse said 271 weeks ago

    Apes. The creepiest thing next to Zombies and not nearly as cool. D:

    Great artwork though. =O
  • stablercake said 271 weeks ago

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    Not a fan of monkeys or apes :C

    It's a REALLY cool print, though.
  • Bradley1503 said 271 weeks ago

    Please put the cigarette back in! It would be waaaay cooler. Without it it's just a gorilla, and there's just not as much originality.
  • SJK said 271 weeks ago

    Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!
  • eludingsun said 271 weeks ago

    i'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me, but i'd really like to see some more smaller prints, and maybe some more prints that aren't perfectly centered/etc. i would rather have a shirt with an interesting design, and perhaps unusual placement, then a design that takes up the whole shirt.
  • CmonToshi said 271 weeks ago

    I like this design, I just don't like it as a shirt.
  • Omnitarian said 271 weeks ago

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    Sweet illo, but I can't really imagine anyone would want to sport a giant monkey face over their torso.
  • Impulse said 271 weeks ago

    Not my type of shirt.. dang yesterdays wasn't either. I'm really hoping for a cool shirt from here.
  • Gozz said 271 weeks ago

    I would buy this instantly if I didn't have a million black shirts already.
  • Renae said 271 weeks ago

    I really do like this design, especially how big it is. I also like black shirts a lot. Most likely a buy after I wake up.
  • lcostl1 said 271 weeks ago

    Purchased! Very very nice!
  • kungfumanchu said 271 weeks ago

    I got no beef with this, 'cause any monkey business is good monkey business IMO, but if TF is going to print this, TF should definitely consider using the best ape designs available, which would include the planet of the apes one that was recently showcased in the forums here & is much more wearable in my forest gumpable opinion.
  • Burns! said 271 weeks ago

    I like it. I think I might like it a little better if he had a cigarette in his mouth.
  • Stormink said 271 weeks ago

    I happen to love apes and monkeys. So this shirt is a +fav
  • Stormink said 271 weeks ago

    Also, frikin sick arse second illo on the sidebar!
  • Arrow said 271 weeks ago

    wow, nice!
  • randomhero326 said 271 weeks ago

    cant explain why, but i had to buy it. How many times in my life am i going to get the opportunity to have an oversized gorilla print on a tshirt? pretty much just once. Bought.
  • Reckoning said 271 weeks ago

    I agree with eludingsun, I'd like to see some smaller prints too even tho the gorilla is pretty sweet
  • CPUT99 said 271 weeks ago

    another animal face print *shrug*
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 271 weeks ago

  • jeremiah was a said 271 weeks ago

    what's up with all the homo comments? it's a great piece, despite all the rant about "another animal piece" it's still pretty sweet. the side images are good too
  • grand_david said 271 weeks ago

    Great design mate!!!
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