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Tattie Bogle and The Corbies


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Scarecrows and tattie bogles scare off most birds, but you can still hear this one tweeting. -


  • adamsw216 said 270 weeks ago

    Interesting... I like the composition
  • Palomino0220 said 270 weeks ago

    looks like halloween came early
  • ShellyShenoy said 270 weeks ago

    This is pretty sweet. Reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas!
  • Migoto said 270 weeks ago

    Wow! Amazing! I love the colors!
  • Dizsat said 270 weeks ago


    Grayskul - Scarecrow
  • kochoupink said 270 weeks ago

    I really need this shirt.
    Don't know why, but I need it. Guilt over missing Nachtkrab, maybe?
  • shutts67 said 270 weeks ago

    @ShellyShenoy definitely. Looks like Jack Scarecrowington.
  • iCleanWater said 270 weeks ago

    This isn't a design that I'd usually wear (though I do see the appeal), but I do love the colors.
  • Muntoe said 270 weeks ago

    Ehh reminds me too much of The Nightmare Before Christmas, although I must admit I love the colors as well!
  • whateverschwing said 270 weeks ago

    I really do like it, but am tired of black shirts and white shirts so have to parse this time :(
  • mrwednesday said 270 weeks ago

    I'm going to have to pick up one of these because I think I'll regret it if I don't. Also, I really like Hazard Punk Princess.
  • stablercake said 270 weeks ago

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    My eyes hurt now x _x

    I like the image but the colors and wiggly lines are killing my brain D:
  • mattwalks said 270 weeks ago

    Powerful design... Also love the GTO? in flames.
  • Pyrozmenace said 270 weeks ago

    One of the best shirts I've seen up in quite awhile. I love the color contrast, it's very powerful. Definitely buying this, awesome work C.Kid :)
  • darSTAR said 270 weeks ago

    Lovely, wonderful pick of colors. I love the combination of this one more than the original red, gray, and black.. Definitely pop out because of the contrast in colors.
    Nice concept, composition, and movement in this.
    The lines DO hurt my eyes a bit but I can see it on a tee and it wouldn't be so bad.
    Definitely want to pick this up.
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 270 weeks ago

    great design
    on a tee though, is not for me
  • daveconrey said 270 weeks ago

    Can anyone tell me the name of that site where you can resell collector shirts?
  • daveconrey said 270 weeks ago

    Nevermind, figured it out. Teetrade dot org.
  • redstickman said 270 weeks ago

    Wow - that's some solid design work. I'd really love to get ahold of all three designs in the side panel. The featured tee is awesome - unfortunately it kind of gives me a headache to look at...
  • roboroller said 270 weeks ago

    Now this is more like it
  • CPUT99 said 270 weeks ago

    This is a solid design, the colors and lines do make it pop and wave in front of you. I like the seismic lines and the crows, but wonder if the scarecrow/foreground line is really necessary. I'd dig it more if it were just the birds and lines, but that's just a personal preference...
  • atomicchild said 270 weeks ago

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    sweet print
  • godzilla said 270 weeks ago

    awesome. awesome, awesome, awesome. bought.
  • Olechka said 270 weeks ago

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    Ooh it jumps out at you! I like the contrast, the combination of a black background and blue lines creates an effect that makes the yellow look "gold." It looks very rich for a 2-color design. Congrats!
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