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Today an explosion, will tomorrow be equally exciting? Stay tuned for Cinqo de Tee-o on May 5th :D -


  • PsychoPickle said 272 weeks ago

    Im so buying it
  • Chadlonius said 272 weeks ago

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  • sekiyoku said 272 weeks ago

    second teefury :) Arrrgggh the texture of you shirts, but this design is too cool to parse up
  • omeomy said 272 weeks ago

    Love it got to get one
  • ponagathos said 272 weeks ago

    Yet another shirt ruined by the text.
  • honeybee78 said 272 weeks ago

    I like it!
  • happy noodle said 272 weeks ago

    ruined by the text? the text is the whole point of the shirt!
    cool design but it's mighty complex and I'm doubtful it'd come out well on a shirt...
  • KyleMittskus said 272 weeks ago

    ^^ I actually think it will print great. I just don't really like it.
  • sawbones84 said 272 weeks ago

    for better or worse, this looks like something you'd see in a thrift shop
  • Vo1ture said 272 weeks ago

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    Dammnn son, you matte paint the side art or from scratch? Either way, I could see you working for a big studio.
  • tweak67 said 272 weeks ago

    Count me in.
  • stablercake said 272 weeks ago

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    Not for me, just not a fan of random graphic texture and text. Too...easy? It seems? I'm sure it's not, I can't do it, but that's what it comes off as. You can probably tell I'm no graphic designer.

    I do like your aesthetic, though, it's very clean and precise.
  • heymanirock said 272 weeks ago

    i like this, and admire the constructive criticism many of the people here give.

    just my two cents.
  • dykang89 said 272 weeks ago

    Dan the Man the PAN haha
  • FluffyWolf2 said 272 weeks ago

    Not feeling much that is special. Honestly looks like a lot of signatures on forums that do abstract stuff. *Shrugs* Looks neat though :) (As do all the sigs) Just seems very common in design.
  • mamilma said 272 weeks ago

    hey dan soloman, im from new jersey and you and I have the same birthday. beauty
  • sorrowdemonica said 272 weeks ago

  • gbp4ever96 said 272 weeks ago

    awesome shirt I've liked enough to buy since the Kurt Cobain one
  • GrimRealism said 272 weeks ago

    This is an extremely innovative design. I greatly enjoy the more modern, graphic style of your art. This is one of the most flashy looking shirts I have seen on here in quite a while. Great job.
  • izzataziz said 272 weeks ago

    love it.. but shipping cost too much.
  • conditsj said 272 weeks ago

    I'm a fan, though it reminds me more and more of Jeff Finley's "Bold is Beautiful" over at DBH each time I look at it. [link]
  • GeriMars said 272 weeks ago

    I love Dan Solomon's art! And, izz, how can you possibly say that shipping is too expensive? You can't even get someone to ship something across the street for $5 anymore, let alone $2!
  • izzataziz said 272 weeks ago

    @GeriMars if compare to anothersite.. $13 for shipping in 7-10 days.. and teefury $24 for 1-2 weeks.. if i in US it is no a problem.. but i/m from malaysia - i buy this tshirt for $9 and shipping $24 = $33 it too much for tshirt..
  • ya2sabes said 272 weeks ago

    So. Effin. Cool.
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