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I don't know why anyone would listen to music when they could just as easily listen to my tweets. -


  • evrydayawakning said 272 weeks ago

    First time posting!! Boy I hope I'm first! That would make me the happiest boi eva!!!! I love these shirts though, still waiting for the one that goes OMG I have to buy!! Hopefully i'll see one soon!!!
  • porschefreak707 said 272 weeks ago

    FiRsT i GawtS FirSt this teefury is coolz.
  • rodrat said 272 weeks ago

    i like it but no buy
  • reborn291 said 272 weeks ago

  • Oiseau said 272 weeks ago

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    great! love your style
  • EdwardBlake said 272 weeks ago

    ... The interview sounds like Borat was interviewed.
  • nyboy1217 said 272 weeks ago

    FRESH!! I want that design that has the dude with everything orbiting around him
  • porschefreak707 said 272 weeks ago

    lol the guy that owns teefury loves me i can tell...
    now i'm not buying a shirt =[
  • TheFlork said 272 weeks ago

    HAHAHA if it said "Have tractor!" it would be a insta-buy lol
  • Arrow said 272 weeks ago

    Very cool design!
  • InkAddickt said 272 weeks ago

    Best Tee Yet!!!! Hands Down
  • themidgardknight said 272 weeks ago

    I'm really down with all of your work. That doesn't happen often for me. Especially in the case of this t-shirt. I usually despise shirts depicting any symbol of music, just like I despise shirts with skulls, shirts with flowers, and shirts with that wanna-be abstract art shart. This shirt is actually pretty sick. Your work is great. Keep it up!
  • Reijn said 272 weeks ago

    "have fun. have sex. have tractor."

    I think i'm enjoying that phrase a bit too much. I need to go to bed. ^_^
  • GrimRealism said 272 weeks ago

    I really like the design on this shirt, but I am not so head over heals about the color. Great job on this piece and your portfolio is very impressive.
  • TheBeard said 272 weeks ago

    Once my direct deposit goes through, I'm pretty sure that I need this shirt in my life.
  • agentfiggy said 272 weeks ago

    nice, will get if once I find my credit card.
  • lee said 272 weeks ago

    my awesome fury purchase in months. can't wait to get my hands on it. thank you!
  • WonderboyAhoy said 272 weeks ago

    I really like this but I've bought so many from here lately ah!

    This will be a tough decision...
  • stiricide said 272 weeks ago

    I want "Have fun. Have sex. Have tractor." to be its own shirt.
  • cbass99 said 272 weeks ago

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    great use of the shirt, the placement is great..i love hockey so that means i love russia too.
    great job!!!love the design
  • idiotproof67 said 272 weeks ago

    Nice one. Bought.
    Though the stylus will get damaged without a slab o'vinyl on the platter.
  • DeRock said 272 weeks ago

    Reminds me of "Dashboard" by Modest Mouse. The music video at least : )
    I'm still contemplating buying it. What I am contemplating is whether I like such a huge design print, I usually try to keep them smaller.
  • AlvinPing said 272 weeks ago

    Best interview ever!
  • jeremiah was a said 272 weeks ago

    looks good, best one in a coulple days
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