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Nevermind the Cello


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  • kxsoccer31 said 274 weeks ago

    im soo glad im not buying this one too. i've been going broke over this tee fury nonsense
  • andrewlb said 274 weeks ago

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    play that cello like you mean it, sweet shirt yo
  • kxsoccer31 said 274 weeks ago

    teevil needs to stay first too, so people can get over the whole "first" thing too but people are stilll gonna do it anyway
  • Shirts on Sale said 274 weeks ago

    Great fade to black.

    Couldn't this also how Freddy Kreuger got his start?
  • KyleMittskus said 274 weeks ago

    @ kxsoccer31:

    See, Teevil said "9!" Like, it was being sarcastic towards the idiots that say "First." Get it?
  • akblurav said 274 weeks ago

    cool concept.
    Amazing art work on the side.
  • JadenKale said 274 weeks ago

    Ski, I cheered this on at Woot, and I still love it!
  • METATRON said 274 weeks ago

    I thought he meant german word for no.

  • heartluce said 274 weeks ago

    Great art ski! I think the bear at the bottom of the right panel is my favorite.
  • Mixer23 said 274 weeks ago

    Wow, to in one week Ski... Grats! Oh, I'm in for one!
  • Mixer23 said 274 weeks ago

    Oops... I mean two :P
  • snarkygal said 274 weeks ago

    Congrats Ski! I supported and love wearing the 1928 shirt over at Cameesa. For those of you who don't know which one I am referring to, it is the second from the top on the right. It is currently for sale there.
  • Teknikas said 274 weeks ago

    I have mixed feelings about this design as well as the "artists" view on modern art and other bits of commentary there on the right...however I'm going to spare myself the time writing about it as I'm tired, it's not really worth the keystrokes and I'm sure no one cares. I'll leave it at I'm definitely going to pass on this shirt and any future designs created by skirochester.
  • rodrat said 274 weeks ago

    i absolutely hate nirvana but i like this shirt
    had it been anybody else it would have been a buy
  • stablercake said 274 weeks ago

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    Would have thought about it if it weren't Cobain.

    I play the viola so this almost wakes up my nostalgia for my old orchestra, but it also wakes up nostalgia of my older brother blasting Nirvana. Bad days.

    Cool idea though.

  • Kelamity said 274 weeks ago

    to Stablercake: VIOLA POWER!

    I prefer pearl jam but I'm getting it anyway. I don't have enough orchestra related shirts.
  • TheBeard said 274 weeks ago

    I really like all of your work and I hope to see it on here sometime soon. I'm on the fence about this one but we will see...
  • Jet Beetle said 274 weeks ago

    I'd be all over that Bear and Chimp print - but Kurt has never been my cup of tea.
  • derekfilley said 274 weeks ago

    he may have been a great songwriter, but i'm pretty sure cobain didn't know how to play cello. I don't get this shirt :-(
  • almondroca said 274 weeks ago

    Nice use of negative space!
  • undertow976 said 274 weeks ago

    The best thing to happen to rock is Kurt Cobain blowing his head off... no buy
  • godzilla said 274 weeks ago

    @ Kelamity:
  • minicrush said 274 weeks ago

    Not such a long shot... Nirvana brought a rock cellist, Melora Creager, on their '94 Europe tour:

  • minicrush said 274 weeks ago

    youtube URL for the above:
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