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  • FluffyWolf2 said 274 weeks ago

  • FluffyWolf2 said 274 weeks ago

    I must say it is quite a unique design, makes me think of Bug's Life and that big caterpillar but he's like... high now, xD! Nicely done loving the details!
  • aislinn2000 said 274 weeks ago

    Not first!
  • gibsoncoca said 274 weeks ago

    Alice in Wonderland?
  • 2thFairy said 274 weeks ago

    Love it, love it, love it!!!
  • Nula said 274 weeks ago

    I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, but I prefer a little more originality in my t-shirt designs. This is fun, but it doesn't seem "inspired" by anything to me so much as it's the classic image in a new rendering.
  • heartluce said 274 weeks ago

    remember what the dormouse said.....

    I love the composition and the linework is gorgeous. Beautiful!
  • GriffinFire said 274 weeks ago

    Great subject, and fabulous art. There goes another $11. X3
  • mrdavenport said 274 weeks ago

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    haha i love hookah :)
  • theinfinityloop said 274 weeks ago

    Yay congrats Toe! I love Alice in Wonderland.
  • RobDerhak said 274 weeks ago

    Am I the only one that thinks of Jabba the Hutt when looking at this? Maybe a female version of Jabba?
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 274 weeks ago

    I already have one Alice in Wonderland shirt, but I love the story/film and wonder if more than one is reasonable

    my heart says "Uh Yeah!"
    but my wallet says "I'm so empty and lonely..."
  • missmt96 said 274 weeks ago

    I want the watch of ra....where can I buy that??
  • snarkygal said 274 weeks ago

    Considering the fact that I am wearing Alice Painting Catepillar from Woot right now, I have to say I love this shirt. I applaud your attention to detail and I like your choice of colors. Bravo Sir!
  • biotwist said 274 weeks ago

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    the gradient ruines this for me but i love the work on the side
  • Jacamabub said 274 weeks ago

  • Jacamabub said 274 weeks ago

    I just noticed the dandelions! That's genius!
  • FluffyWolf2 said 274 weeks ago

    I think of Jabba too!! :D
  • METATRON said 274 weeks ago

    The line work on this is very elegant, it's a very charming design. The last two designs on the right are amazing as well. Are they for sale somewhere?
  • kstrstar said 274 weeks ago

    GAHHHH I love Alice in Wonderland and I would TOTALLY buy this tee is it was a different color.... bummed.
  • TragicallyHip said 274 weeks ago

    I love the design, love the art, the hookah! But I don't like tees in that color. I bought one once, even though I didn't like the color, figuring I'd wear it anyway, and I didn't. But amazing job and congratulations!
  • Irie said 274 weeks ago

    just bought it
  • Stexe said 274 weeks ago

    Good to see your art on another site. I bought the Walrus vs The Eggmen for my teacher who is infatuated with the Beatles and he loves the shirt.
  • Hambone said 274 weeks ago

    I like the design, but I dont think there will be much demand for mens sizes with this one. I'll take one for the wife though.
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