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I've just bought the pills, as an easter treat to myself, seen as my grandma lined my pockets with crisp notes instead of chocolate... Now I feel compelled to use my aunt's festive offering too (that wasn't an easter egg, either) =D
...Also, It's 5am where I am, how messed up is that? I hate GMT. -


  • Allissan said 275 weeks ago

    oh my.
  • EdwardBlake said 275 weeks ago

  • HaruKodama said 275 weeks ago

  • Joetry said 275 weeks ago

    Zomgz, Lyke sekundz nd stuff, yo.
  • stablercake said 275 weeks ago

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    I would have considered it if I didn't hate monkeys so much :C

    Sorry, luv
  • NeoCenturio said 275 weeks ago

    Too "in your monkey-face"
    Also, the red isn't really my thing.
  • silruin said 275 weeks ago

    Urrrgh, I like X-Ray Spex and all, but I can't stand monkeys.

    I mean, didn't you hear? They eat your fingers.

    That's just not cool.
  • Joetry said 275 weeks ago

    Actually, you got moderated... Twice.
    Better luck next time?
    I think I changed my mind abot this design.. I like tee's with a central image, but the design itself is too 'rough'
  • Joetry said 275 weeks ago

    I got moderated too! *Sigh*
  • spamuella said 275 weeks ago

    different animal, larger print, less "rough", and it's a definite.
    i would also make the letters more dominant.
    it's interesting, has great potential, but it's not quite fully there.
    not today, sorry.
    i still love the concept!
  • CPUT99 said 275 weeks ago

    I just bought the Pills shirt...Think this would look better on a black shirt, with the blue being yellow or something... the red/white/blue. *shrug* ...I guess everyone's a critic haha..
  • El Rey said 275 weeks ago


    Hi everyone! Please enjoy this t-shirt responsibly.

  • snarkygal said 275 weeks ago

    Sorry, not for me.
  • wolf said 275 weeks ago

  • Olechka said 275 weeks ago

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  • Olechka said 275 weeks ago

    Olechka's Teefury Badges
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    Teefury got hacked :(
  • goodgravey said 275 weeks ago

    Every one else on here is a nut. This monkey king rocks too hard. Though I oddly feel like his face should be bigger, or there should be something more to the design. Somehow feels a little empty?

    But he's way cool. I know one guy who's crazy for chimp stuff.

    Also - monkey teaching robots? How I'd love to see that in action! ha!
  • Comrade said 275 weeks ago

    Icky, looks like you just got photoshop and started playing with filters. thats like graphic design rule number 1; don't use filters.
  • jesuschrist said 275 weeks ago

    Hi guys, sorry for the little inconvenience tonight, we had a bit of a pest on our hands posting random things here on the home page and in the forums, I'm sure they will be back. We are working on a more permanent solution. Hard to imagine why people can be so lame sometimes.
  • skonen_blades said 275 weeks ago

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  • murdered0ut said 275 weeks ago

    Just wondering.. i ordered my shirts almost a week ago, and the order Still shows "processing".. how long do they take to ship a tshirt?

    it hasnt even shown "shipped" yet..

    does it ever show "shipped" or does it say "processing" all the way til it hits your door..?

    thanks for any info guys
  • DLD said 275 weeks ago

    Nope, not me.. :(
  • muzzie said 275 weeks ago


  • Plaid Jaguar said 275 weeks ago

    Hmm, can't say that I like it.
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