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  • bandairoo said 274 weeks ago

    I love the detail! Stunning!
  • least said 274 weeks ago

    I have a friend who will flip at this.
  • Tpeterson said 274 weeks ago

    COOL :)
  • Chadlonius said 274 weeks ago

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  • Digifreke said 274 weeks ago

    HAHAHA!! It's House!! Yay TV characters!!
  • Digifreke said 274 weeks ago

    PS - Star Wars has episodes?? Um... guess this person really never saw 'em before!! haha
  • loakey said 274 weeks ago

    This drawing is fantastic. The details are absolutely amazing. Not a house fan but kudos. Love all the work on the right too.
  • least said 274 weeks ago

    @digifreke- actually the star wars movies are numbered as episodes... the first three are Episode IV, Episode V, and Episode VI and then the second three are Episode I, Episode II, and Episode III.
  • KrissArt said 274 weeks ago

    I LOVE House.. I'll have to sleep on this only because I don't like the text on there...
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 274 weeks ago

    Star Wars does have episodes
    Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
    Episode 4: A New Hope
    Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
    and so on and so on
  • Omnitarian said 274 weeks ago

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    This rash of celebrity likeness tees, I regret to say, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Moreso because I don't want Teefury to slapped with a copyright infringement suit than because of staleness...

    That said, Olechka is mad talented and this tee, I must admit, it pretty awesomesauce.
  • AdderXYU said 274 weeks ago

    I just... don't get these sorts of shirts.

    It's like "name something you like. Oh, House? I'll draw exactly that."

    Yesterday's Lebowski was at least done in a totally different style, and the previous Cobain tee had a concept that utilized Kurt without just being about him. But this is... well, it's very well drawn, but it's unofficial merch, to me. And it's especially obvious being the third "famous people on a tee" shirt in a row.
  • jeremiah was a said 274 weeks ago

    you're amazing
  • evilbread said 274 weeks ago

    It's an awesome drawing. Too bad I don't really care for the show. Other work looks really great too.
  • rodrat said 274 weeks ago

    i have a friend who might like this
  • DeltaSigChi4 said 274 weeks ago


  • Arrow said 274 weeks ago

    haha awesome glad to see this here!
  • Soccerfun88 said 274 weeks ago

    Recounting of what just happened:
    I see the shirt.
    1 nanosecond later:
  • jasminee said 274 weeks ago

    I feel like I've seen a picture of house with the scar/vein things before...
  • Soccerfun88 said 274 weeks ago

    This picture was a sidebar art image a few weeks ago, jasminee.
  • xjuax said 274 weeks ago

    'dammit Otto, you have lupus.'
  • snarkygal said 274 weeks ago

    While I adore House, I can't stop looking at the work on the side...those illustrations of the cat and the wolves are truly astounding! Your talent should be recognized beyond the shirt world.
  • Olechka said 274 weeks ago

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    Thanks for commenting, guys!
    For those who don't like House or this shirt - thanks for stopping by to take a look; I realize that it's impossible to make EVERYONE happy :)
  • robinzeggblu said 274 weeks ago

    Your work is awesome. I've seen this artwork before and I am super psyched to have it on Teefury.
    Bought and paid for!!!

    the work on the side is really nice too, keep up the good work :D
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