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  • riffster said 274 weeks ago

    Let me be the first to say (hopefully) that this is a spanking awesome tee :)
    well done!
  • Hambone said 274 weeks ago

    The bums have WON, Lebowski!!
  • Googooboyy said 274 weeks ago

    What in the world? Why am I reminded of the A-Team and Chuck Norris?

    Nice, but I just can't find enough love for it.
  • riffster said 274 weeks ago

    oh n yes, i'd prefer mine Banana color than green... but oh well... may i'll just buy this for my gf and admire her having it on instead ;)
  • Muntoe said 274 weeks ago

    Well... at least I'm not going broke over all these T-shirts now haha.

    I just can't like this one, but I do like that strange sun picture on the side, its pretty cute.
  • memyself&I said 274 weeks ago

  • sawbones84 said 274 weeks ago

    greatest american movie ever made!
  • BadlyDrawnGuitar said 274 weeks ago

    I am literally watching this movie right now. Awesome shirt. Purchased.
  • OpenIntro said 274 weeks ago

    I LOVE the Big Lewbowski, and was so excited when I saw the preview for the shirt....but....

    I REALLY don't like this on the green. You really lose some of the nice shading that shows up in the banana colored shirt.

    As The Dude would say, "You f*cked it up! YOU F*CKED IT UP! They're gonna kill that poor woman!"
  • asianpersuasion said 274 weeks ago

    -shrug- Not feeling the last few shirts. I do agree with whoever said that they liked the sun picture. Being asian, I'd buy the chinese food + fortune cookie too. Haha.
  • bluchez said 274 weeks ago

    Nicely timed wotto!
  • loakey said 274 weeks ago

    AHHH Love the LOST design! And the sun too. This, not to crazy about
  • simplysped said 274 weeks ago

    Where can I get the billy mays T?
  • Teknikas said 274 weeks ago

    The dude abides!! One of my favorite movies...don't really care for the green background color, but I'm still down with buying this shirt. The Billy Mays shirt there on the right is pretty epic...saw on the news that the dude pictured on the left side of the design got in trouble for beating up a hooker, lolz...what a tool.
  • xGreatRomances0x said 274 weeks ago

    Ughhh, I wish my dad wore t-shirts like this because I would totally buy it for him. :( Maybe I'll talk to him tomorrow and see what he thinks.
  • Teknikas said 274 weeks ago

    @ OpenIntro - I agree with your comment about the shirt color, would've preferred the ladies tee color...but again, I'm still buyin' one!
  • pincushions said 274 weeks ago

    I would totally buy this shirt except for two reasons:

    1) Banana yellow? Not for this lass.
    2) Poor boob placement. Seriously too horizontal RIGHT across the bust line. Not ideal on a lady with any sort of rack, imho.

    Otherwise, awesome design!
  • evilbread said 274 weeks ago

    Almost all the art on the side would have made better tee shirts. Not feeling this one
  • DeltaSigChi4 said 274 weeks ago

    Goddamn! While I love this shirt, and the film, I think I am a lil' tardy for the Cobain Cello shirt. Goddammit! *mad*

  • KyleMittskus said 274 weeks ago

    This shirt screams awesome. I also really like the top one on the right.
  • mrdavenport said 274 weeks ago

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    thanks for all the comments guys! i had a lot of fun making it.

    @simplysped you can get the billy mays shirt here at RandR tees.

    by the way,whoever has time, i have a design up over at dbh that could use some votes thanks! :)
  • ducktree said 274 weeks ago

    Have only bought two shirts so far, but have come to really appreciate the concept of a high quality limited edition tee for $9, so might as well join the commentary parade. 8) This one I like, but not enough to pull the trigger on, the spray paint stuff in the background doesn't add anything and the green/yellow coloring for the guy's isn't for me. A shame too because I LOVE the movie, one of the greatest movies of the `90s fo sho.
  • rahmer81 said 274 weeks ago

    this is one of the better tees that's been up in awhile. if i was more familiar with the big lebowski i would probably buy. i really like your drawing of the sun cathing airplanes in a net!! i would buy that shirt no doubt!!!
  • stablercake said 274 weeks ago

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    Oh man, I want that Pitch Men shirt haha awesome
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