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And the bear says...


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  • least said 273 weeks ago

    verryyyy cool
  • reborn291 said 273 weeks ago

    sooo awesome
  • curry23 said 273 weeks ago

    this shirt is really adorable! It reminds me a lot of the PBS show Word World though! You're an animator? I'll have to check out your stuff now *u*

    I might buy this one... *thinks hard*
  • Muntoe said 273 weeks ago

    This bear's expression cracks me up
  • least said 273 weeks ago

    Also, the detail in the fur is very cool 8D

    But I keep looking at it and I'm very impressed that you managed to get a good mid-way point between not being able to tell what it says and not looking like a bear anymore.
  • Stormink said 273 weeks ago

    The girls tee has a lot more depth than the guys.
  • Link117 said 273 weeks ago

    Rawr indeed.
  • Soccerfun88 said 273 weeks ago

    If I still lived in NC I would probably get this; had a friend who had a sort of inside joke with me about saying rawr when I said roar.

    Too bad for you... I don't live in NC anymore and I don't like the shirt enough to buy it regardless!
  • whateverschwing said 273 weeks ago

    If the shirts came in kid sizes I would buy one for my 4yo who likes polar bears.
  • whateverschwing said 273 weeks ago

    and agree, women's is way better
  • curry23 said 273 weeks ago

    GOT IT.
    I got the mens (even though I'm a girl) I like those colors better myself.
  • liner13 said 273 weeks ago

    Cool shirt. It's a decent one for April, you know polar bears, spring ... it just fits. No, it's great shirt for my BIRTHDAY! yay.
  • Mandaz said 273 weeks ago

    Love the colors! At first glance though, I thought the poor bear had been mutilated - like twisted - into that shape o__o. That was before I realized that it was letters... and the wide open eyes and mouth even supported it, like it was gasping for breath or something! lol >.
  • Gouge said 273 weeks ago

    I like it
  • Kelamity said 273 weeks ago

    If I bought every animal shirt this site has ever sold, I would have a lot of shirts.
  • AdderXYU said 273 weeks ago

    ROAR, indeed!
  • alvayskiv said 273 weeks ago

    omg! that last picture to the right... is it the sound of animals fighting?!
  • stablercake said 273 weeks ago

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    Composition's a little too awkward for me, but I really dig the colors and expression, though.
  • Kiarku said 273 weeks ago

    WOW! this is perfect for my boyfriend, he loves the word rawr (roar) and his favorite animal is a polar bear. *bought
  • Teknikas said 273 weeks ago

    Another animal themed shirt...
  • dirtypaws said 273 weeks ago

    hmmm im on the verge of getting it - everyone calls me bear if they dont call me paws - itd fit , buuuutttttt the colors are frustrating me . i actaully prefer the girls shirt over the guys and im not sure on what is actually flying outta the bears mouth. .. . . . . hmmmm RAWR !!!!!
  • Epiphane Desart said 273 weeks ago

    Animal again? I'm a bit tired of this
  • moral savvy said 273 weeks ago

    Are we in for yet another long line of animal t-shirts from you, Jimiyo?
  • ducktree said 273 weeks ago

    Kinda cool in its own way.
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