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  • naytally said 273 weeks ago

  • EYE3CEE said 273 weeks ago

    eerie spiritual
  • omeomy said 273 weeks ago

    Love the art work to the side
  • Sick_Girl said 273 weeks ago

    I actually think this is kinda cool!
  • roberto76 said 273 weeks ago

    love the shading on the skulls, nice.
  • abs4 said 273 weeks ago

    I would love to have the tiger on the side printed
  • deva713 said 273 weeks ago

    well there's an awesome take on the animal head shirt ^_^ i dig it. and i absolutely love the white tiger on the right. the jelly fish are cool too but i've had bad experiences with them in the wild sooooo yeaaaaah....
  • shutts67 said 273 weeks ago

    Is it just me, or do those "jellyfish" look like a certain organ...
  • Plaid Jaguar said 273 weeks ago

    Love the design, but I don't think I'd wear it. Too dead animal-y for me. lol.
    I adore the white tiger, though--I'd buy that one in a heartbeat!
  • jasminee said 273 weeks ago

    Tigers are awesome. And yeah I love the design, cept for the skull thing on the bottom half. Still awesome!
  • L3g3ndQ said 273 weeks ago

    Great color but not so sure about the design... im not big on animal prints but that tiger would have been a better choice. ill have to wait till tomorrow to see if Teefury has a shirt for me.

    how bout another teefury bird shirt??? B^)
  • roboroller said 273 weeks ago

    This is smurf hot, I might grab this.
  • rodrat said 273 weeks ago

    im not a fan of skull shirts but i actually kinda like this one
    will sleep on it and hope i magically poop money
  • kxsoccer31 said 273 weeks ago

    holy smurf! i friggin love bearz!
  • that is inappropriate said 273 weeks ago

    Pretty cool! Can you guys really print that big now?
  • Courtchu said 273 weeks ago

    Oh my god. I really love this. Want to buy.............May buy. Hurmm.
  • Soccerfun88 said 273 weeks ago

    You're the guy who has the AMAZING tiger watercolor up at DBH!

    If that doesn't get printed eventually, the world has gone crazy.
  • BlueHippo said 273 weeks ago

    Pretty cool. Nice use of two colors, they work nicely. Pretty creepy, but I still like it haha, magic x-ray vision of a tiger with all sorts of awesome curlies jutting out and around him. I love the effect you've done with the shading on the skulls below, that's my favorite part of this shirt :D

    Nice work dude!
  • snarkygal said 273 weeks ago

    The link to the artist's blog leads back to here.
  • Mandaz said 273 weeks ago

    This is AWESOME. Almost as awesome as the tiger on the side... almost.

    This is the third shirt this week I've wanted, yet I'm still no less broke!
    *off to pout* ;_;
  • MJ said 273 weeks ago

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    Good catch Snarky, I just fixed that link :)
  • snarkygal said 273 weeks ago

    Great MJ :-) He has some great stuff there. Would be a shame for people not to see it.
  • fairnymph said 273 weeks ago

    Why has TF turned into SHIRTS WITH SKULLS?
  • brian said 273 weeks ago

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    thanks snarkygal :)

    and thanks BlueHippo!

    I'm actually in the process of trying to get that white tiger printed over at DBH. You can take a look at it here:

    hahaha and Soccerfun88, I couldn't stop laughing when I read your comment :D
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