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Starry Four Eyes


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  • idothedew718 said 274 weeks ago

  • EdwardBlake said 274 weeks ago

    Well, this is a pretty cool style. However I cannot see myself wearing this shirt.
  • Teknikas said 274 weeks ago

    I like this (especially the brown back color), but I'm not sure that it'd be something I'd wear...going to have to think on this one. Congrats on the print :)
  • bkent said 274 weeks ago

    I kind of like this design...but on brown...not for me.

    Btw - I really the like the who killed rock & roll shirt on the side.
  • daveconrey said 274 weeks ago

    I don't know, the illustration seems a bit unpolished to me. The illustrations in the sidebar are much better.
  • digitalnicotine said 274 weeks ago

    Love the style
  • BW311 said 274 weeks ago

    Cool design but not for me.
  • Drew said 274 weeks ago

    i like your style but not diggin this shirt. i feel like the composition doesn't say anything.
  • BOB said 274 weeks ago

    love'n this shirt
  • Plaid Jaguar said 274 weeks ago

    I love all the designs in the sidebar, especially the HELP! one. :) Not really feeling today's shirt design though. Think I'll have to skip this one.
  • liner13 said 274 weeks ago

    Frankey say relax, hahaha awesome!
  • phonakins said 274 weeks ago

    cute! look good with blue denimn jeans at a concert, methinks
  • Jesse said 274 weeks ago

    Loving the colors ^^
  • Iso said 274 weeks ago

    Pretty sweet style!
    Don't want to wear it, but all your deisgn are fun! Especially the Rock'n'Zombie one!
  • swifteye said 274 weeks ago

    I've got enough brown with the circle shape, but I LOVE the colors.
  • Googooboyy said 274 weeks ago

    Still noone managed to get a firstie. The 2nd post technically isn't a first because its spelt backwards. Anyway why am I frowning on all this? Pfft.

    Ok, nice, disco-feel design here. I'm loving the contrast and the complimentary warm hues in use, as also portrayed by most of your designs on the side.
  • Sir Euan said 274 weeks ago

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    Thanks for all the comments so far! This is pretty cool! hehe

    If you like the Frankie Say Relax design, it's up for voting on teextile, help me out and get it printed?

    Frankie Say Relax on teextile

    All the other designs are available on my own Tshirt website, Tee Clinic!
  • HaruKodama said 274 weeks ago

    don't know if want...
  • Marbleyard said 274 weeks ago

    Another nice one. Great use of colors and design. A little too "young" for me. 10 years ago, sure no problem.
  • ego1080 said 274 weeks ago

    ba-ba-ba- bad ass dude
  • deesa44 said 274 weeks ago

    i absolutly love this design...... but not on a shirt

  • HeyReputah said 274 weeks ago

    i absolutely would have bought this if it were on black (at least for the chicas)...


    disappointing week, teefury.
  • rourick said 274 weeks ago

    this shirt isn't really my style, but I just bought "Evolutionary Gentlemen Around the World" off your website! Was temtped to get a couple other tees, but just don't have the funds right now!
  • jenzzz said 274 weeks ago

    Nothing ever changes but the shoes! :D
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