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  • Amagoi said 277 weeks ago

  • 1elena7 said 277 weeks ago

    Awesome! I.. I I YES i love it the bunny is so cute!
  • artulo said 277 weeks ago

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    wotto rules! always liked this one!
  • plungah said 277 weeks ago

    When will people get over the "First!" comments? Really.

    Love your art, it has a unique feeling to it. Unfortunately I'm broke.

    Such is life.
  • ciaobella9821 said 277 weeks ago

    i've waited so long for a good green shirt to come out... I am a girl, please come out with a design on green for a girl
  • lmkmcg said 277 weeks ago

  • dudley53 said 277 weeks ago

  • buellx1l said 277 weeks ago

    I got the preview message, and when i saw this on it, i said to myself, "self, that looks like the work of Wotto."
    and it/he/i/self replied upon this hours arrival,
    "you are indeed correct, young sir."

    i feel accomplished.
  • fairnymph said 277 weeks ago

    Again with the FAIL colour for girls. WTF. Do you not read comments, TF? Make the men and women's tees the same colour or we will continue to smurf and moan.
  • 1elena7 said 277 weeks ago

    man ive been buying every shirt haha! and now im almost broke to where ill buy this at last moment
  • Amagoi said 277 weeks ago

    Darn, not first :P

    The bunny is very quirky! Totally broke, but it's nice to see some Easter stuff on TF. And glad to see your work is blooming in so many ways, Wotto! I snatched the second-to-last design of the man with the coat during anothersite' huge sale this month after having my eye on it for forever, and man, when I got it I really did not want to take that shirt off. x'D

    Keep up the awesome work!
  • MJ said 277 weeks ago

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    fairnymph- unfortunately, not all colors are available for both genders. I think Banana looks pretty great, too, tho!
  • 1elena7 said 277 weeks ago

    I think that banana looks good on girls too MI :)
  • kungfumanchu said 277 weeks ago

    Apologies if it's been covered a million times, but why aren't all colors available for both genders? Thanks.
  • stablercake said 277 weeks ago

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    Holy god why is it such a problem to have 2 different colors for men and women? I like it when there's 2 different color options, it makes it more interesting for me. It's not like TeeFury MAKES the shirts :I

    Anyway, I really dig this shirt! Adorable! :D
  • icecube said 277 weeks ago

    @kungfumanchu, it's just what colored blanks are available. Alstyle does not make the same colors for both genders.
  • mossygreen said 277 weeks ago

    Hey hey, checked out the website, the t-shirt's not my style but I immediately ordered the HANDSOME lapel pins! Thank you very much, wotto!
  • Stormink said 277 weeks ago

    Always love your smurf Wotto! Keep it up and glad to see you puttin yourself on here.
  • kxsoccer31 said 277 weeks ago

    hey buell, how about that coach broady impression?
  • muzzie said 277 weeks ago

    This is awesome, and is it me or does the whole bunny head and ears look like a person giving the peace hand gesture?
  • cardinalgoldstein said 277 weeks ago

    I don't know why I like this one so much, but I do...
  • SarahBonita said 277 weeks ago

    Love the shirt! All of your designs are great! I would buy, but I don't really like the design placement. I don't like how low down on the shirt it is.
  • smittenkitten said 277 weeks ago

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    Incredible as always Wotto! I'm so happy to see this little guy on a tee.
  • matt2kool said 277 weeks ago

    awesome work as usual wotoo

    is the 2nd design on the right available anywhere?
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