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Wow Its a Ship


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Owls are so awesome! If owls were people, they would be fans of the TeeFury Facebook page :) -


  • txgabe said 274 weeks ago

  • Xamnam said 274 weeks ago

    If I hadn't just bought a pirate shirt, I would totally buy this.
  • Kyren said 274 weeks ago

    Don't like it.
  • Max said 274 weeks ago

    Awesome shirt!

  • LOTM said 274 weeks ago

    It's a frikkin Gandalf Bird!
  • EdwardBlake said 274 weeks ago

    Oh wow! Much as I love owls, I don't think I shall get this one. Already got my week's fix of owls from woot.

    Also, gonna wait for Arrow's owl at anothersite. :D
  • Jacamabub said 274 weeks ago


    Totally definitely maybe buying this.
  • two monocles said 274 weeks ago

    Love it. But I already have a brown and white boat shirt!
    Ahh, curse my love of brown, boats, trees, owls, and pipes!
    We will see.
  • illegallydead said 274 weeks ago

    hmmm.... pretty cool design! Not sure if it's a buy, but for sure cool!
  • Chadlonius said 274 weeks ago

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    Awesome T-shirt design and awesome art as well -------------------->
  • jaysea420 said 274 weeks ago

    LOL that owl is smoking some good ship man!
  • Olechka said 274 weeks ago

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    What a beautiful design! This will make a great print, too! I especially like the bottom right design :)
  • atomicchild said 274 weeks ago

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    sweet print
  • Mech said 274 weeks ago

    @Kyren: You weren't even CLOSE to first. Not to mention it's not possible anymore (thank you Teevil. Gargamel was so annoying). Maybe you guys could implement a word filter for any variation of "First."

    Love the shirt. Thinking of buying it for my gf.
  • snarkygal said 274 weeks ago

    As much as I love owls, after seeing the design on flicker, and the DBH version, this one just seems too stripped down, devoid of detail. I'll have to take a pass tonite. But it is a beautiful design, just not for me tonite.
  • Mandaz said 274 weeks ago

    Wow, I completely love this! The artwork on the side as well. Why oh why must I be broke...
  • Water said 274 weeks ago

    Ahoy! Don't really like the owl that much though. But I think I'm gonna get one.
  • manunited1878 said 274 weeks ago

  • GriffinFire said 274 weeks ago

    This is gorgeous! Darn you guys for making me spend so much money. X3
  • Kelamity said 274 weeks ago

    21st. I can count. Love the shirt.
  • DLD said 274 weeks ago

    Awesome tshirt design. I just tricked my boyfriend into buying two! You rock!
  • SilverStar8403 said 274 weeks ago

    sweet, it has a ship AND an owl!
  • first said 274 weeks ago

    when will you people learn?
  • BlueHippo said 274 weeks ago

    Very awesome, perhaps a bit LOTR inspired? ;D The owl's head looks a bit small on his face though, but still looks good; I like his little pipe :3 He seems to become one with the tree, and looks quite content. Pretty cool design, some nice drawn textures you've got :D

    "first" free is the way to be ;3
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