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Fat Pony


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teeFIRSTIES! ;] -


  • Hambone said 276 weeks ago

  • eludingsun said 276 weeks ago

    interesting idea, i'm not really sure how i feel about this. but i still don't like white shirts.
  • Irie said 276 weeks ago

    um. I really am not into this one. I did buy three of those grab bag ones, I can never resist a good grab bag...
  • snarkygal said 276 weeks ago

    OMG I want this so much but I just bought 2 grab bag tees and until I know they will reach me I shouldn't buy more. *cries*
  • rahmer81 said 276 weeks ago

    i wouldn't be caught dead in a shirt like this.
  • michiganice91 said 276 weeks ago

    too weird for me...freakin' me out
  • cardinalgoldstein said 276 weeks ago

    Unenlightening interview, Monsieur. Don't really care for the shirt, either.
  • DCBeatty said 276 weeks ago

    It's different but I love it. I'd totally buy but I'm kinds saving my money for an upcoming release. Love the sketches to the side too.
  • muffins01 said 276 weeks ago

    nope, not for me
  • AdderXYU said 276 weeks ago

    Monsieur Pimpant is love. Vicariously, not-monsieur-pimpant is hate.

    You've all been warned.

    Glad this finally got a venue. Just wish I'd known it was gonna pop up, or I might not have bought as many $5ers. but between this and TIN TINTIN at anothersite, I'm excited to finally see more work from you get printed. And I really hope "Bastien..." up on the sidebar gets printed at some point, too.
  • 87Riots said 276 weeks ago

    Really enjoying this; not a buy but I do love it.
  • shisno said 276 weeks ago

    Really interesting art style but not something that I would wear.
  • hjdttt said 276 weeks ago

    Oh, fat pony,
    hear my plea:
    When will TeeFury
    sell a 3x T?
  • born2code said 276 weeks ago

  • memyself&I said 276 weeks ago

    Odd and interesting. Cool side art.
  • stablercake said 276 weeks ago

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    Awww! He's so cute j 3j
  • OneMe said 276 weeks ago

    Best shirt in a while.
  • GrnLntrn72 said 276 weeks ago

    A fat Asian dude trapped in an even fatter black mans body? Or am I missing something?
  • grafismo said 276 weeks ago

    good style!
  • JadenKale said 276 weeks ago

    Hjdttt said:
    Oh, fat pony,
    hear my plea:
    When will TeeFury
    sell a 3x T?

    That is awesome.

    So is Monsieur Pimpant!! YAY for this shirt! What a nice surprise to see this when I returned home! Congratulations, sir.
  • Blanch1000 said 276 weeks ago

    I dislike white shirts so much, but I really love the design. I'll have to think about it.
  • orenjipan said 276 weeks ago

    Wow, this is the first time I've been tempted to buy a shirt in a really long time! Love it, I'm really into your art style in general. Strange and definitely interesting.
  • themidgardknight said 276 weeks ago

    another awesome shirt!!!
    too bad i ain't rich...
  • momomike said 276 weeks ago

    reminds me of the triplets of belleville
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