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  • Scrimshaw said 275 weeks ago

    Also, awesome. I like it.
    Colours go nicely too.
  • BDParmer said 275 weeks ago

    Looks kind of Wal-Mart-y.
  • jasminee said 275 weeks ago

    why such a terrible color for girls? =/
  • HaruKodama said 275 weeks ago

  • Xamnam said 275 weeks ago

    I really dig the design, not so much the gray/silver on gray. Applause to the artist.
  • HaruKodama said 275 weeks ago

    agree with the Wal-Mart-y thing though
  • eludingsun said 275 weeks ago

    i'm not really a dragon shirt kinda gal, sorry.
  • ladynightshade said 275 weeks ago

    Yellow? Again? Why do only the females have to suffer through this color?

    In anycase, no offense to the artist, but this shirt just seems... very stereotypical...

    I would have bought the foo dog on a shirt in a heartbeat, but a dragon... meow, seen a hundred shirts with Asian dragons on them
  • deva713 said 275 weeks ago

    doesn't mean it's not cool ^_^ and i'd get the women's if i didn't look awful in yellow so instead i shall get the men's! agreed on the foo dog though, totally bitchin!
  • BOB said 275 weeks ago

    i agree with ladynightshade that it's stereotypical, but i gotta add this design is a LOT cleaner than the ordinary dragon shirt, which is what i like about it. it's a simple design of a dragon without and stupid text or some dumb banners ruining it. i like it because it's a just a dragon. nothing flashy, but hey, not every shirt's gotta stand out. i think this design would go well with most any outfits that needs a good shirt.

    don't like the yellow either, maybe if the colors were inverted...yellow ink on a blue shirt. i'd buy that.

    thinking again the design isn't the issue making this shirt feel run of the's really the colors. grey on grey is bland and the yellow people just don't seem to like. different colors may make this shirt stand out more.

    i like it anyway
  • memyself&I said 275 weeks ago

    I've just seen this type of design way too many times. After all, the Japanese (Asian) style dragon has been depicted in art for a thousand years or so... Well done but over done.
  • stablercake said 275 weeks ago

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    Definitely not digging this one. Not huge on super Asian aesthetic, a bit overdone nowerdays, kind of cheapens it.

    It also reminds me of shirts I had in high school.

    I was not cool in high school.

  • necrophyte said 275 weeks ago

    Hey, um, could you change "Asian letters" to "Chinese characters"? Not that I'm offended or anything. It just makes you sound ignorant.


    Or like someone like this person:
  • merijayn said 275 weeks ago

    Who said "Asian letters" ?
  • n.liu said 275 weeks ago

    well, good thing you're so cool now.

    good shirt, but the dragons are a bit bold. It would look much better if the whole print were lowered and wrapped around the side. good job, though

  • merijayn said 275 weeks ago

    stablercake said, Asian aesthetic but I didn't see 'letters'.
  • fairnymph said 275 weeks ago

    Women's colour FAIL. Again.
  • necrophyte said 275 weeks ago

    "Tell us about this design.

    "An obvious tribute to some of my favorite old school Martial arts movies. One of them "The flying guillotine ". I could visualize this design tattooed on one of the contenders battling the Guillotine! Classic film. Oh and can't forget about "The Big Boss" and "Fist of Fury". Two classic Bruce Lee films! If you haven't seen them.... Check it out! Btw The [Asian letters] on the top mean "Soul" and "Strength"."
  • Yurhiness said 275 weeks ago

    Why're you guys such yellow-haters? It's awesome.
    It'd be rad if the dragon went across the shirt, rather than crammed up there.
  • Nellie said 275 weeks ago

    Oh man. What's with all the awesome yellow! I wish I liked the designs that came with them. Sigh... Also, sadly, I feel uncomfortable walking around in Asian inspired shirts.

    Me = Asian
    Dragons = Asian
    Chinese characters = Asian
    Yellow = Asian

    Ha. But to necrophyte. Dude, I read that article and it made my blood start to boil.
  • CondieTheKid said 275 weeks ago

    I'm not feeling this one.
  • chosun79 said 275 weeks ago

    I'm Asian and I gots a dragon sleeve ... but this is wack.
  • Teknikas said 275 weeks ago

    Not really diggin' this shirt, but I checked out the artists blog and I really like this design:

    Very cool mang, I'd definitely rock that on a shirt! As for the 'asian' designs...I guess their just not my style, but I'm sure a lot of people do :)
  • Crushem said 275 weeks ago

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    I'm not Asian. I also have a dragon sleeve. This is dope :)
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