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Blind Peacock


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oooh colors. -


  • porschefreak707 said 265 weeks ago

    first awawis it is alwight
  • Gillz said 265 weeks ago

    I think it looks better on black
  • ladynightshade said 265 weeks ago

    Looks better on the girls but it's kind of hard to see what it is at first
  • porschefreak707 said 265 weeks ago

    AWAWIS, we were on our dwuids?

    Hey Dalaron, my mom, she got me diss new gaym
  • Lamak said 265 weeks ago

    I like the concept alot, but I don't like the male shirt color.
  • eludingsun said 265 weeks ago

    tobias, i love the big band theory
  • eludingsun said 265 weeks ago

  • kungfumanchu said 265 weeks ago

    Ha, deja vu. Just saw this up for voting minutes ago on teextile. Black definitely looks better, IMO, but I'm one of those weirdos who love black shirts anyway.
  • teefury said 265 weeks ago

    the designs on the right are awesome. print those!
  • Xman said 265 weeks ago

    I agree the girls shirts looks cool, but ill pass on the guys shirt.
    Cool design though.....
  • GriffinFire said 265 weeks ago

    I love the design, but I agree that it needs to have the contrast of the black to really stand out. I'd buy it if I could wear the "Girls'" shirt.
  • Stormink said 265 weeks ago

    What's with the different art shot from the guys shirt? Is it black line work or is it dark gray? Kinda confusing for the customer IMO.

    Anyways, I don't like the neon gradient thing people tend to be doing lately, looks cheesy if you ask me. But I really like the quality of the designs on the right. Very nice work there!
  • necrophyte said 265 weeks ago

    Not really feeling this, despite how awesome it is.

    What I mean is, I wouldn't buy the Mona Lisa on a shirt.

    Was hoping to see some of your style as shown in the sidebar. Fecking love it.

    Hilarious crying bunny, BTW.
  • bajunda said 265 weeks ago

    It feels like you could have developed this more. It has an incomplete feeling and the grey/charcoal is not a good match, much easier to stomach on black. The tree has a really good shape, looks very organic.
  • memyself&I said 265 weeks ago

  • tekhipee said 265 weeks ago

    Pretty. I think I just may
  • smiffy said 265 weeks ago

    Very Nice.
  • w3sl3ymill3r said 265 weeks ago

    at last, the shirt color choices are not eye-bleedingly appalling.
  • Scrimshaw said 265 weeks ago

    I adore this.
    I'll probably buy it, if I can get some money by the end of the day.
    Sheer awesome.
  • pipicheech said 265 weeks ago

    this peacock looks like is smells a little........
  • the_jcw said 265 weeks ago

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    great work on the print, looks nice
  • rourick said 265 weeks ago

    think the design is awesome, and love your stuff on the side, but like a few of the other fellas, not feeling the charcoal color
  • martha_mayhem said 265 weeks ago

    I love this shirt. I also like the one on the side with the animals mourning the tree.
  • LiLStephy said 265 weeks ago

    I love the design 2nd to the right!
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