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love the skull shirts, I need to pull the trigger on this one -


  • Logisticz said 276 weeks ago

  • Lamak said 276 weeks ago

    Nice splotches.
  • tleh said 276 weeks ago

    no m0ar skulls.

    what was your art classes like?
    is grammatically incorrect.
    i'm sorry for being a smurf, but it really bothered me
    i even made an account to QQ about it :(
  • rahmer81 said 276 weeks ago

    assuming the "---- ---" accident means bj accident....that's pretty funny!

    ...not my style though, sorry.
  • eludingsun said 276 weeks ago

    i wish the girls wasn't white.

    the last skull on the right would look fantastic as a green shirt!!!!
  • evilbread said 276 weeks ago

    I'd have liked it more if it showed more of the skull. I don't like the drip effect.
  • robbielee said 276 weeks ago

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    I like the stroke around the edges of the drip. I don't think I've seen that before.
  • Teknikas said 276 weeks ago

    This is kind of a cool design although the skull theme is really startin' to get pretty old. This isn't something I'd wear around so I'm gonna pass on this but congrats on getting your work printed :)
  • Omnitarian said 276 weeks ago

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    How many ink colors are in this print? Unless it's using one of those magicpants simulated processes?
  • gravionGR said 276 weeks ago

    Wth is that chick smoking a cigarette / illicit cigarette? (Rhetorical question.)

    I can't stop looking at it. It's hauntingly, horrifically entrancing.
  • CountRimjob said 276 weeks ago

  • mewlink64 said 276 weeks ago

    Despite the fact that I don't really think wearing skulls is cool, I really like this design. Bravo.
  • stablercake said 276 weeks ago

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    I absolutely love the technique but sadly it's a no-buy because of the subject matter. I know a lot of people really dig skulls, and I'm not knocking them, I just see too many of them.

    This would probably be a for sure buy if it were a skull of another species. ;)
  • Eppster said 276 weeks ago

    I LOVE this.
  • daveconrey said 276 weeks ago

    very cool, but alas, no more skulls for me.
  • Amagoi said 276 weeks ago

    Your art is beautifully grotesque and dark. I ADORE it.
  • matt2kool said 276 weeks ago

    i dont think i've ever made a "mean" comment on tee fury, but this is boring. just a skull?
  • TheFlork said 276 weeks ago

    Guess what, i got a fever! and the only prescription is MORE SKULLS!
    looks like a live another day!

    the skull is awesome, i don't like the bubble border though, i think the original picture in the blog would have been better :-D
  • Amagoi said 276 weeks ago

    I'm also really liking this simple little piece from your portfolio. Would buy that on a shirt any day. :)
  • 87Riots said 276 weeks ago

    I'm going to be honest; this is weak. I am sure there are better artists submitting designs that can most definitely out due this.

    Sorry to be blunt; but I am just being honest.
  • logotron said 276 weeks ago

    Too many skull T Shirts at Teefury I think.

    I wonder who wears skulls in public. Not me.
  • 8166 said 276 weeks ago

    I love Skulls! I wear Skulls currently! Coincidentally, I HAVE a skull that is presently covered in flesh: mine! I can't get enough skulls! I NEED more Skulls! Skulls rock! They are inherent imagery to SEX DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL!!SKULLZ!SKULLZSKULLZSKULLZSKULLZSKULLZSKULLZSKULLZ!!!!
  • kuh_373 said 276 weeks ago

    This would look horrifyingly wonderful on black; I'm sad it's not. The gray almost looks that cool, but I'm not digging the contrast of the outline on the white. I think it would look much better if it seemed melted out rather than stuck on there, which is what the outline makes it look like. I also can't stop seeing the Uchiha symbol on the top either, but that's just my personal, rather disturbing bias.

    Not sure if I'll get this one. I like skulls, but the outline really ruins it for me...
  • suitedkings said 276 weeks ago

    Ordered one! my first teefury shirt.
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