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  • GeriMars said 279 weeks ago

    Sadly, I don't like the design placement. It looks too high to me.
  • stablercake said 279 weeks ago

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    Cute! I like the idea! I'm more of a bright annoying color person myself, but this is nice work!

    ...I have an opinion like every day, don't I? :C
  • GeriMars said 279 weeks ago

    I should add, this is a beautiful design, however. I like the use of line and the feeling of movement and serenity it creates.
  • bubamara said 279 weeks ago

    Pretty nice up close, I like the artist's info on what/why; but at further than conversation distance, it looks like an atomic mushroom FluffySpam eminating from a cat's litter box.
    ...otherwise, I like it. The color and problem mentioned above will keep me from buying it.
  • Smallz said 279 weeks ago

    Very cool! This will be my first buy from teefury.
  • 1234567 said 279 weeks ago

    message for lysol that i read from a few days ago: you say the simpler and/or art prints are for frat people, and that you want more of the joke t shirts? have you seen what frat guys wear? if it isn't something called holister or abercromie and fitch then it's a dickin the box t shirt, like you seem to want more of. you have it backwards. the simpler art stuff is worn by people like bret from flight of the conchords who are anything but frat.
  • 1234567 said 279 weeks ago

    also, good shirt. i just tend not to like light colored shirts, or wear them when i own them.
  • deepsea said 279 weeks ago

    Just bought it. I like the colors of the shirt. It matches the subdued nature of the subject. I've gotten into bonsai and I love everything about it. Now I'll have a shirt for it too.
  • memyself&I said 279 weeks ago

    1234567: frat boys scare me. (a reaction I cannot control). I love Bret though.
    I wish this design was on a different color b/c I am so pale and this color tends to wash me out. Also, if the actual design was darker and more pronounced it would stand out more...The colors make it really hard to see the detail which is actually pretty awesome. :D
  • Arrow said 279 weeks ago

    Nice illo! Congrats, great portfolio too!
  • fairnymph said 279 weeks ago

    Beautiful design and concept- congrats on the print, JW. If only I could wear Sand. :(
  • torij9 said 279 weeks ago

    Beautiful. Very calming.

    ...And in no way skull or animal related. Which makes it that much better.
  • jewelwing said 279 weeks ago

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    Just thought I'd say thanks for the comments. I've never done anything with this kind of earthy color palate, so it's something I wanted to try. I can't say for sure, but I have a feeling that the design on the actual shirt is going to show up a little more than it does in the picture. Although, I was going for a subtle, naturey look here so if that's not your thing, that's cool too.
  • fairnymph said 279 weeks ago

    And in no way skull or animal related


    I think the colour palette and style work very nicely together, if you have the right skin tone. Visually, I love it. Especially the background which has an incredible amount of detail, reminiscent of TL tees. I didn't know TF could do those sort of prints.
  • Stexe said 279 weeks ago

    True it isn't skull or animal related, but it is TREE related which is nearly as common.

    I'm curious what Billabong shirt Jewelwing is talking about.
  • christine said 279 weeks ago

    kudos for going out on a limb and trying something different for you. earthy and natural suit you well. love it!
  • casemee said 279 weeks ago

    This design is decent, but like a few others, I'm not feeling the sand color.

    Can I make a request to the good people at TeeFury to make a print on a bright colored t-shirt? I check this site every day and it's usually black, white, navy, brown/sand... A lot of my decision-making comes not only from the design, but also the color of the tee! I have too many black/dark-ish shirts already.

    We need some bright color up in here! -- Hot pink (yes!), kelly green, even purple or something....... The weather's warming up, let's get summery, yes?
  • crochet_bunnie said 279 weeks ago

    I love this! Unfortunately, this is a terrible color for my skin tone and I can't wear it. :(
  • wotto said 279 weeks ago

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    Nice subtle approach.
  • Iso said 279 weeks ago

    Nice idea!
    Very suble design. You have to look twice, I like that.
    Thouh the color is not mine to wear.

    But, only the last 100 years or so people were harming earth?! Are you kidding? People never cared about nature or earth. But it was only since the industrial revolution that people had the technology to cause severe damage.

    Oh, and I agree on the bright colors issue!
    I want to wear these during spring! Give me something bright green, red on heather grey,... intense colors!
  • tonymontana444 said 279 weeks ago

    nice! i am always a fan of the bonsai tree!
  • cfp913 said 279 weeks ago

    This tee is fantasic. Thank you for making it. I need to have it.
    Much love
  • drummergirl said 279 weeks ago

    i love it but i cant really go for the light colors. great design though!! it has a nice subtle look. but sadly its a bit high placed for me.

  • lysol92 said 279 weeks ago

    It is probably not what the artist was going for...
    but this tee would look awesome on a black shirt with any neon colour ink
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