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pretty cool -


  • TINT said 280 weeks ago

  • CountRimjob said 280 weeks ago

    Mediocre at best.
  • buellx1l said 280 weeks ago

    DUDE i love it.
    ordering as soon as im done posting.

    the big brother shirt is awesome too,
    reminds me of shepard fairey.
  • _greenjello said 280 weeks ago

  • ProjektAmeryka said 280 weeks ago

    love! finally some TYPOGRAPHY. I like the use of a woodblock cut, I'm a big fan. I love the colors and the almost graphic novel feel. I like the statue also.

    I must agree about Helvetica, although I'm not a big Futura fan. I'm now on Akzidenz, the grandfather of sans serif.
  • EdwardBlake said 280 weeks ago

    Good thing that we're getting a break from two days straight of kickass shirts, eh?

    Nevertheless, still a good design; just bit too girly for me.
  • buellx1l said 280 weeks ago

    before i order, i wonder what the wrap around looks like?
    does it abruptly stop like the image suggests, or does it wrap around the shirt a little bit?
  • lulu88d said 280 weeks ago

    NICE love the splatter!
  • MJ said 280 weeks ago

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    Buellx1l- I'm pretty sure the design will be stopping at the seam.
  • that_alyssa_girl said 280 weeks ago

    This is awesome. And props for your other designs... you seriously rock. Keep up the great work!
  • buellx1l said 280 weeks ago

    That's very depressing.
    Oh well, I'm all for supporting an artist, especially one with such aesthetically pleasing work.
    You win, I'm sold,
    It really is a nice design.
  • jomus001 said 280 weeks ago

    At first, I found the shirt a bit sloppy and drab. But after reading the background of the drawing it made me look at the shirt in a different light. There always has to be meaning behind a creation, whether explicitly or implicitly so. I like why this shirt was made. Unfortunately it's still not my style, but rock on for those who find it aesthetically sexy. :)
  • rourick said 280 weeks ago

    love the work on the side! especially diggin the "Hope" raincloud over the house, that for sale anywhere?
  • BarryBostwick said 280 weeks ago

    Love it!
  • cbass99 said 280 weeks ago

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  • Pinkk said 280 weeks ago

    ehh.. i think the paint splothes make this shirt look madd tackeyy. but it is a good design idea. just poorly executed.
  • stablercake said 280 weeks ago

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    No thank you. Something is going on with that red, it's just not the right bias for the image or something.

    Sorry, too generic, too easy. Some of your other designs are nice, though. The Minneapolis one is interesting.
  • StuartTheMan said 280 weeks ago

    I'm lovin the Kings of Leon, Minus the Bear, and Modest Mouse shirts on the side
  • memyself&I said 280 weeks ago

    I am not religious person but I love the idea of seraphs and I think this design is beautiful. :D Kudos.
  • necrophyte said 280 weeks ago

    Nice haiku.

    Digging "Hope".
  • ireneyay said 280 weeks ago

    i like it a lot
  • vinod said 280 weeks ago

    Awesome.Love it!
  • kels said 280 weeks ago

    This is an awesome design. I love the description of "beautiful chaos" and think it fits perfectly. I can use some body armor now, and always, to help protect me from this crazy roller-coaster world. Will definitely think of that when I wear this shirt.
  • dirtypaws said 280 weeks ago

    mah dont feel the red in it --- good idea just kinda shotty better luck next time
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