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first and i like it. -


  • TiffanyScore said 280 weeks ago

    Dont like it :P
  • user1 said 280 weeks ago

    wish it were on green though..
  • CountRimjob said 280 weeks ago

  • Mech said 280 weeks ago

    I like the placement, but not such a fan. On those colored shirts, they seem like they would look floral from a distance. Love the 1 color look though.
  • brycedriesenga said 280 weeks ago

    Very nice.

    A quick question: do the two shades of gray cost the same as a one color print or is it two? I am gonna guess two, but I am not sure.
  • dp3 said 280 weeks ago

    Needs more alcohol.

    I like the shirt and the design overall (would be kind of cool if it went the whole way around). I'm torn about the color, because they're both great combinations, but doesn't really scream "Ireland" to me. Not really a fault of the design or anything, but that shamrock on the bottom right looks like a little asterisk over the groin and distracts a bit from the whole design.

    I'll probably buy, though.
  • michiganice91 said 280 weeks ago

    too many crosses for this JEW
  • bluebeanie said 280 weeks ago

    good job, congrats on getting a print! I like that there is more to the shirt than just a design. Keep it up, keep pushing forward, and keep those aspirations high!
  • KidCam said 280 weeks ago

    His last design "Call Me" (design all the way on the bottom) was much better.
  • Remy1.1 said 280 weeks ago

    I really like this, the art work is great
  • everydaysuperman said 280 weeks ago

    I don't love this one. I usually love Sweeney's stuff (I'm wearing the green shirt at the bottom of the designs on the side as I write this), but this one just doesn't do it for me. It seems a little plain, almost stale, especially set against the drab backgrounds. Some color would help this design immensely.
  • clarkneilp said 280 weeks ago

    too many crosses for this atheist
  • mstrachota said 280 weeks ago

    I actually like the subtle color choices and I come from a long line of Murphys. Nice job Sweeney!
  • smittenkitten said 280 weeks ago

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    Another great design Sweeney! Keep working on your art. I love itW
  • ProjektAmeryka said 280 weeks ago

    I'm not crazy about the design because I don't feel that the crosses are very original (wish none of them repeated), and I'd like to see an Orthodox cross on there. Also, I'm not sure about the swirls. However, the verticality and placement is dynamic and I love the neutral colors. Great job and I may have to add this to my quickly growing t-shirt collection! Congrats!
  • teezee93 said 280 weeks ago

    Boring design indeed. Definitely feel like I've been there, seen that.
  • Wookee said 280 weeks ago

    Can we move to ban anybody that chimes in to say "First"? If for nothing more than to set an internet precedent.
  • matthew.harrison.smith said 280 weeks ago

    i second the motion to ban "first" comments although i probably am guilty of it. i ll have to check the budget to see if i could add this one to my furious collection.
  • liner13 said 280 weeks ago

    So I had a question:

    First of all, I like the design. It is pretty basic but I feel like that's some of the appeal.

    Secondly, the question: I got your "call me" shirt in my grab bag and loved it but I keep getting asked what the numbers mean and I figured it was worth a shot to actually ask the artist and see if they were random like I've been telling people or if they had some secret meaning that you were willing to share.
  • mattfoo said 280 weeks ago

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    This is a very cool design. I love the grey on grey. Keep at it Sweeney.
  • jmcclure said 280 weeks ago

    I like in on the sand, looks good.
  • fairnymph said 280 weeks ago

    LISTEN UP, TEE FURY! STOP DIFFERING W/M COLOURS! I'm frickin' SICK of seeing awesome designs on hideous colours. I look like one of the rotting undead in Sand. I LOVE silver. I cannot wear a MS, plus, men's shirts fit different. I would get this IF I COULD GET IT ON SILVER.

  • fairnymph said 280 weeks ago

    *ly *Silver
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 280 weeks ago

    What is book would you suggest for people to read?

    LMAO, A grammer book :D
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