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the design's pretty cool but the colors will look terrible on 90% of the world =/ -


  • MJ said 278 weeks ago

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    Killer style! Like an artifact from the future :)
  • crediblekr said 278 weeks ago

    "inspired by old design of posters of 50's / 60's, in oriental europa propaganda"

    I guess this explains the choice of color.
  • goodgravey said 278 weeks ago

    Good thing I think I'm not one of that 90%!!
    Haha I LOVE this kinda stuff! I love alien invasion sort of things, and this kinda dirty color choice, seriously awesome. I'll sleep on it, but I think I might nab one!
  • eludingsun said 278 weeks ago

    neat design, but i dislike the colour choice. it would look pretty awesome if it were purple on black, or something.
  • EdwardBlake said 278 weeks ago

    Pretty nice. But I think I'll wait for one of your design at teexitle to print. ;)
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 278 weeks ago

    Love the design, the color notsomuch :(
    I wonder if the text is supposed to be a take on Oriental lettering or just abstract or possibly alien language, meaning we're invading them...

    Tolagunestro, if you haven't already done so go to this weeks Woot derby and show them what "art deco" really is! I swear, amazing shirt designs go lost and unappreciated week after week thanks to the overload of geeks on Woot who love cute animals, stupid jokes and ramyb.
  • waccodemon said 278 weeks ago

    Looks pretty sweet, colors confuse me :/
  • d3vaLL said 278 weeks ago

    This is very fresh, I'm not looking for anything explosive if it's not going to be funny. First one I've bought in a while. Good job, great solid design. Colors are perfect for black pants.
  • mpadberg said 278 weeks ago

    Like the design, but don't like sand as the shirt color. Otherwise, would likely buy.
  • Zhyd said 278 weeks ago

    I really like this. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy it, but I really like the vintage poster feel of the work. A solid piece, as are many of the designs on the right, particularly the last.
  • Silent-t said 278 weeks ago

    Good timing on putting out a sci-fi shirt since the finale of Battlestar Galactica was today! [/nerd]
  • Silent-t said 278 weeks ago

    Er, technically yesterday. A few hours ago either way. Cool.
  • a.mar.illo said 278 weeks ago

    I love that, colours are fine too!
  • Muntoe said 278 weeks ago

    This design is really cool, but sand is definitely not a flattering color on me haha... oh well.
  • Stormink said 278 weeks ago

    I was thinking the same thing Mr. Sweet. Prime art deco right here!

    Awesome design and I for one am not bothered at all by the colors. They make my brain go straight to New Mexico for some reason; hopefully that's normal.

    Congrats on the print!
  • professorE said 278 weeks ago

    I can pull off the sand, and will likely make this my first teefury purchase in the morning. Great design!
  • Lionzfan27 said 278 weeks ago

    I think Chellio's hot.
  • jeremiah was a said 278 weeks ago

    haha ^ good call

    anyway.. nice design, reminds me of the game destroy all humans, maybe switch the colours up abit though
    I hate brown, sometimes

  • jeremiah was a said 278 weeks ago

    by the way.. >> that last design looks damn swell
  • Crushem said 278 weeks ago

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    Killa design! The artwork on the right is dope also :)
  • typo said 278 weeks ago

    That sci-fi squid of yours was the only shirt I had bought from TeeFury until today; now I'm buy this one.
  • almondroca said 278 weeks ago

    The fonts looks a bit like Fusaka. Buying....
  • wotto said 278 weeks ago

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    Hello all. So first the community wants less black then they want this on black. Oh you guuuuuuuuuuuuuys. lol. I love this and I also like the fact that this artist bring something different, something fresh.
  • LittleLadybug00 said 278 weeks ago

    Simple & cute, but unfortunately aliens just aren't my style! I love the color choice though. Would look great against a nice tan:-)~
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