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Night Fury Folklore


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Love this! Was about to buy it too when the shirts changed over =[ -


  • HarleenQuinn said 4 weeks ago

    heyy pleaseee pleaseee bring this back!!!! I would buy a billion of this tshirt!!! I cant believe i missed it!!! I was going to surprise my boyfriend with this for our anniversary!! I am soo sad! please bring this back!!
  • SarahKD said 4 weeks ago

    Please bring back this t. The facebook notification came too late :(
  • iamme216 said 4 weeks ago

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    last time I don't check my email!!
    so sad I missed this, bring it back!!
  • tazza94 said 4 weeks ago

    please bring this on back i didnt check my emails until it was two late :( please bring it back please
  • x4livin said 4 weeks ago

    I really want this shirt for the kids.
  • jessiewilson said 4 weeks ago

    Bring back toothless! There aren't enough how to train your dragon tees :'(
  • hellcat3 said 4 weeks ago

    Can't believe I missed this one....arrgh!!! Bring it back pretty plz?!
  • Latsuncherry said 3 weeks ago

    Please bring this one back? I'd love to buy a couple
  • countryartis said 1 week ago

    Please, please bring this back. A friend showed me his. I have a black cat with golden eyes who reminds me of Toothless and I really, really, really NEED to have this!
  • firefly22 said 1 week ago

    Bought this one and the colors are AMAZING. A seriously great shirt. Want to buy more for myself and as gifts!!
  • hellsmaster said 6 days ago

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    i need to get my wife one but need to be a smaller size than the one I got