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The Great Orphan Works War


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terrible color for the girls shirt -


  • kennyboy said 280 weeks ago

  • user1 said 280 weeks ago

    ? hate it.
  • KyleMittskus said 280 weeks ago

    I really don't like the messages of the two designs with text and I don't dig the style.
  • nation_mckinley said 280 weeks ago

    I would've liked it better if it didn't have the words and nautical stars. The color for the girls shirt is really terrible because the flag is distorted in color. No buy, sorry. :/
  • LakerChic7272 said 280 weeks ago

    blargh. i waited up for this?
  • christine said 280 weeks ago

    This has Timothy McVeigh written all over it. Big pass. Good luck to the artist and his apparent (judging from the stuff on the side) anger issues.
  • AdderXYU said 280 weeks ago

    I'm not entirely sure if the Shepard Fairey example is saying that this legislation would make his work legit or prevent his work from existing. This is an important variable for me, as I find Fairey's work the antithesis of art.
  • CountRimjob said 280 weeks ago

    Not a fan of the t design, its a bit busy without being original, however i do like the pictures on the side.
  • knickerbockers said 280 weeks ago

    Wow, what a bunch of assholes. Obviously, since this t-shirt doesn't have random-ass birds or similarly spastic smurf plastered all over it, it can't be good.
    To the artist- I dig your style, and I especially like the "art is power" one.
  • Kelamity said 280 weeks ago

    How does this educate exactly?
  • KyleMittskus said 280 weeks ago

    @ KnickerBockers, because yesterday's shirt, that was rather praised, was composed of birds and "spastic smurf"?
  • dmny said 280 weeks ago

    Please explain how this shirt "has Timothy McVeigh written all over it" christine.
  • CountRimjob said 280 weeks ago

    i guess the comment box is only for positive feedback then?
  • knickerbockers said 280 weeks ago

    I didn't see yesterday's shirt. And I'm sure most of the shirts you buy are sprinkled with animals.
  • illegallydead said 280 weeks ago

    Overall nice work. I do agree that the Girls' color does not work all that well since it drowns out the stripes on the flag...

    And I have a feeling that most of the disagreement over the "design" has little to do with the design itself or the skill of the artist, but rather with politics. This shirt has a bit of a "right-wing" feel to it, which apparently makes it inherently bad to most of the people here who seem to be left-leaning. Being "open-minded" and "free" means accepting the stuff that doesn't agree with you political ideology, too, folks. Just because the design includes a picture of a soldier doesn't mean it's all of a sudden "cool" to hate on it.
  • csmos said 280 weeks ago

    The Orphan Works Act seeks to eliminate legal confusion over the use of copyrighted works where the copyright holder cannot be contacted or found.

    The Act seeks to recreate the patent system model to do this by requiring content producers of pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works to register their works with the government.

    In essence the elected elite wish to cure confusing legal code with more confusing legal code, which makes this confusing shirt and its confusing explanation by the artist highly ironic.

    Next maybe we can have a shirt about net neutrality.
  • lemco said 280 weeks ago

    Wow I thought I could be rough, while I do think the shirt lacks some originality it's still got a strong speak your mind through art kinda message. Does seem like a lot of people on here are judging it on more than just the design which smurfs. And who doesn't like priest Zombies? I mean come on?
  • shantyshawn said 280 weeks ago

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    csmos, you actually get it. Confused and ambiguous IS the Orphan Works Act. Maybe good, maybe bad. Depends which side of the copyright you're on.

    I come from a fine arts background. My work has done its job if it creates emotion. The more negative the better, because my impetus, is the dark side of man. The more negative the response the more my work is validated. That and I really dig monsters!
  • Kimoppi said 280 weeks ago

    I don't really like it as a shirt. My initial look interpreted it as having a violent overtone.

    After REALLY looking at the design, I see it's true meaning. But I'd rather not have some guy staring that intently at my shirt to catch the intricacies of its meaning.
  • Crushem said 280 weeks ago

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    Very very cool! :)
  • jomus001 said 280 weeks ago

    meow. Despite the great motivation behind the design (I didn't know about that Act!), the design itself is a bit bland, not much stands out ...

    And as far as "The more negative the response the more my work is validated" goes, I wouldn't say that negative responses/constructive criticism is one and the same as the "dark side of man." Seems like a strange parallel to draw. :-/

  • ishmaelone said 280 weeks ago

    i'm not gonna buy this shirt, but it confounds me how so many people can be so universally against it. last week there was a shirt with basically a big tiger face, and it was almost universally praised, even by many who claimed to dislike animal prints! this guy meanwhile tries something, maybe he doesn't quite achieve the goal but at least he's trying for something. timothy mcveigh? did you even look at the shirt design for more than 3 seconds?

    most designs i'm usually immediately drawn to or turned off of. this one i had to sit and look. good job to the artist, and to everyone else, can you say "mob mentality"? so often it seems like one comment on a shirt sparks a million copycats, and the views exponentially become more extreme.

    anger issues? really? i mean, REALLY?
  • EdwardBlake said 280 weeks ago

    Alright, after reading the comments, I appreciate the message. Although I still don't the artistic style. Also, I find the first shirt to the right to be humorous. NOW, that shirt, I'd buy.
  • bkent said 280 weeks ago

    I'd probably buy it if it were a poster.
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