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  • Gillz said 279 weeks ago

  • saqueas said 279 weeks ago

    Cute :3
  • riffster said 279 weeks ago

    i am lame i know
  • obijuan said 279 weeks ago

  • themidgardknight said 279 weeks ago

    This is really awesome!
  • amyface08 said 279 weeks ago

  • Soccerfun88 said 279 weeks ago

    Erm... interesting, I guess.
  • larafiki said 279 weeks ago

    It's too late to go outside to get my debit card. Boo, I really like this though. :)
  • ansharp said 279 weeks ago

    A jimi pick that I like? :o
  • nits said 279 weeks ago

    as a designer and printer this doesnt speak to me at all. what on earth does this even have to do with cmyk? this guy's other work is WAY better than this shirt. bummer
  • ladynightshade said 279 weeks ago

    I like the stuff on the side better
  • liner13 said 279 weeks ago

    Wow, I love it, especially the title. The image is a little jostling but I thoroughly enjoy the concept.
  • omesean said 279 weeks ago

    i like the colors, the concept is a little bizzzare

    but that elephant one
  • desertimported said 279 weeks ago

    If you're a printer/designer, the title of the shirt holds the key to some extra lol's.
  • stablercake said 279 weeks ago

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    This is adorable! I love his little square fingers :U can't see it, but I'm wiggling my fingers in response to his adorable hands.

    I recognize that bottom design from anothersite, been a fan of that one, keep it up!
  • jimiyo said 279 weeks ago

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    nits: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black... The colors in the design is waht CMYK has to do with it.

    Put your money where your mouth is, Show me your portfolio if you are a Designer/Printer! Maybe we can curate you.
  • carmaisabeach said 279 weeks ago

    Love this!

    I hate it when I see other projects/designs by the artist that I like too. Like the elephant and the bottom design are so sick too!!! OH well......
  • robtl400 said 279 weeks ago

    Dude, In Pachydermic Fashion is my favorite shirt i ever missed... i still have the page bookmarked in case anothersite ever decides to reprint. this one not for me though
  • Teknikas said 279 weeks ago

    I'd of bought the bottom one on the right...
  • Musicology said 279 weeks ago

    Love the shirt. Love your style.
    It's moments in life like these when I REEEEAAALLLLLYYYYY wish I had money. Maybe if I choose not to eat for the next two days, I'll buy it. I gotta sleep on it but it'll probably be worth it.
  • Teknikas said 279 weeks ago

    The colors remind me of a shirt that I wore back in the 80's when I was a kid.
  • AdderXYU said 279 weeks ago

    I have to say, Jimi, I'm not seein' a pure CMYK here either (the red and yellow seem too dark)... but nevertheless, I totally get the joke/concept, and I am incredulous that anyone who does design or printing wouldn't.

    Very interesting concept and execution, slaterock.
  • merandduh said 279 weeks ago

    I love this, but unfortunately I don't have a job and own waaayy too many shirts off this site already.
  • jecrt said 279 weeks ago

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    this shirt is so rad
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