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pls make the unicorn -


  • luna-rouge said 280 weeks ago

    Great attention to detail and line quality!
  • saqueas said 280 weeks ago

    Awesome :D
  • lysol92 said 280 weeks ago

    and stop with all this nature or wierd design smurf, i just want a witty tee, or a funny tee, or a completely smurfin pointless tee, basically i want a fun tee, not a tee only an 8 year or frat boy would wear
    my sound of music with the boombox tee just came in today, pls put up more shirts like that
  • whateverschwing said 280 weeks ago

    on the women's it makes me think of animal boobs
  • sabrage said 280 weeks ago

    I agree with lysol. If you aren't Bret from Flight of the Conchords, you are guaranteed to look like a smurf or an smurf with an animal shirt on.
  • icecube said 280 weeks ago

    @lysol92, then maybe you should visit other T-Shirt sites if you're looking for those types. I would think the majority of the TeeFury's audience prefers these types of shirts, I know I do. That's why I come here over a site such as bustedtees.
  • westartednothing said 280 weeks ago

    zack this is awesome. yay!
  • Teknikas said 280 weeks ago

    Sure a lot of animal themed shirts lately...out of the pictures on the right, I like the top one.
  • matt2kool said 280 weeks ago

    great choice for your last meal! the philly cheesesteak that is. PHILLY!
  • mrdavenport said 280 weeks ago

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    thanks for the comments and criticism so far guys, @lysol, i tend to agree with icecube, bustedtees might be your thing :)
  • deva713 said 280 weeks ago

    being a huge fan of all art and art on the body specifically (i have several tattoos and am on my way to becoming a rich and not famous jeweler i hope) can i just say i dig this. i figure if someone wants a witty, funny, or pointless tee they can go to the mall, i'm sure there's plenty there. i love that this is a forum for artists, starting out or veterans. I love that i can get tees that are completely unique for dirt cheap. artists, keep making your art. teefury, keep supporting the artists. after all, though we may be going into a recession/depression people will still pay $11 for a shirt that brings beauty, and thus, joy, into their days.

    by the way, don't get me wrong i love the carousel horse and stuff like that, it's hilarious. but the thing with art and making it big is you can only have so much off color humor. you have to do the serious pieces too or you never develop in style, technique, or even as a human being. so, lets all make the world beautiful, shall we?
  • phantasmagorae said 280 weeks ago

    Badass. I would've loved to see the puking carousel horse as a shirt though. Definitely would go for that.
  • snarkygal said 280 weeks ago

    animals are awesome, so animal tees are awesome.
  • No Pants Island said 280 weeks ago

    I have to agree with Lysol and Sabrage. I would have bought the Fish Tank or Merry-Go-Round Sick Pony in a SECOND. AURG! Would love, LOVE to have one of those on a shirt.

    The animal drawing is beautiful, but not what I would wear on a T-Shirt.
  • putling said 280 weeks ago

    icecube: "the majority of the TeeFury's audience prefers these types of shirts" really? based on what evidence? was there a poll I missed?
    Congrats on the shirt mrdavenport - nice work. I am wondering though why so many animal-face tees lately. I feel like it's only a matter of time before we get the howling wolf in front of the full moon with the Olan Mills Wolf Montage behind it.
  • GriffinFire said 280 weeks ago

    This is just fantastic! Buying right away. :)
  • liner13 said 280 weeks ago

    I think my favorite part about this is that the title is embedded in the lines and the fact that it's so appropriate to the image and fits so well and yet at the same time is just subtle enough.
  • StuartTheMan said 280 weeks ago

    I'm lovin the designs, especially the fish tank one...
  • WishfulShadow22 said 280 weeks ago

    oh my!
  • jnekota said 280 weeks ago

    i agree that there's way too many animal tees on these sites nowadays, but you gotta appreciate it when there's one that's sick as smurf for 11 bucks. congrats zack.
  • ZealotGlobal said 280 weeks ago

    urgggg this is amazing....
    wallet is telling me to sleep on it tho...
  • Someone said 280 weeks ago

    I would have bought it if it didn't have those white blotches on them. Like, the detail to the work is amazing, but those blotches just ruined it.

    The fish tank shirt is very clever. Hope to see it on a shirt someday.
  • Wookee said 280 weeks ago

    I wholeheartedly disagree with Lysol. If I wanted to look like I lived in my moms basement and wrote computer code all day, then I'd shop at WOOT for a witty or funny tee. But, I don't want to look like that so I shop HERE!!!
  • sabrage said 280 weeks ago
    I have regained my respect for this artist.
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