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  • eph3m3ralxlov3 said 280 weeks ago

    Oh nice. I like the color scheme on the brown shirt. May buy later today. =]
  • nation_mckinley said 280 weeks ago

  • TINT said 280 weeks ago

    love cats!!!
  • myjestik said 280 weeks ago

    so much talent i like it
  • n0limit5 said 280 weeks ago

    my first shirt from teefury!
    i really love this
    and i hate the color brown on my clothes
  • wolf said 280 weeks ago

  • Soccerfun88 said 280 weeks ago

    I've got to sleep on it, but this might just have become my first teefury purchase...

    And your drawing of Hugh Laurie is awesome..... Love me some House.
  • npollard1 said 280 weeks ago

    OMG i love House!!!!! And i love the kinda burn victim look you gave him ... wish that was one a t-shirt!
  • ashleynwalker said 280 weeks ago

    Spectacular. I'll have to come back later to buy. =)
  • heartluce said 280 weeks ago

    That cat's not playin'. Awesome design, Olechka.
  • WinterArtwork said 280 weeks ago

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    this is pretty darn fresh!! congrats!!
  • Rizza said 280 weeks ago

  • happy noodle said 280 weeks ago

    Animal prints generally smurf.
    This, however, does not.
    Well done.
  • Amagoi said 280 weeks ago

    Huge fan of your work, Olechka, and this is no exception.
    Especially adoring your artwork of women. I have your "Juicy" design on a shirt, and I LOVE it.
  • youngmc33 said 280 weeks ago

    Debating... Seriously debating...
  • tweetick said 280 weeks ago

    Oh, hell yeah!
  • Crushem said 280 weeks ago

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    Wicked work from one of my all time favourite artists. Simply an amazing design!
  • jomus001 said 280 weeks ago

    Finally! This shirt is one for the history books of Tee Fury. Beautifully illustrated. :) My wallet is thin, but I think it needs to go on a bit of a diet again for this shirt alone.

  • desertimported said 280 weeks ago

    I'm on it. I've bought the last two tiger shirts and I'm not going to stop now!
  • desertimported said 280 weeks ago

    or rather I'm not going to stop meow!
  • Mandaz said 280 weeks ago

    This is. AWESOME.

    I so adore the detail put into this! AND it's got an incredible color combination.

    I soooo can't afford to spend $11 on non-groceries right now (lol), but I have a feeling I'll be getting this anyway. Awesome teeshirt or name brand cereal? hmm. I'll hafta sleep on it...
  • fairnymph said 280 weeks ago

    You're a fabulous artist, and I LOVE your people-work - I have your 'Juicy' shirt - but I don't dig animal shirts. :( I also can't wear these colours.
  • th3drow said 280 weeks ago

    AMAZING im in for one :D
  • sirgoldfishy said 280 weeks ago

    My first TeeFury purchase! Love love the design and the fact that it's on a chocolate colored shirt!
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