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  • ladynightshade said 283 weeks ago

    Pretty and I like the placement. I just personally wouldn't wear it
  • joker98 said 283 weeks ago

    ehhhh its alright
    props on gettn ur junks on a tee though
  • crochet_bunnie said 283 weeks ago

    Very pretty! I like it. :)
  • ninkame said 283 weeks ago

    Really nice, and i like the artwork to the side too. Great work!
  • jackson76 said 283 weeks ago

    ditto...way too girly for me
  • blackstealth007 said 283 weeks ago

    Ya,it is too girly.. O well...
  • ekbrooks said 283 weeks ago

    pretty, reminds me of
  • ekbrooks said 283 weeks ago
  • jimiyo said 283 weeks ago

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    Very attractive design!
  • that1guy1203 said 283 weeks ago

    rad design...just not feeling the colors
  • Teknikas said 283 weeks ago

    Wow, no...kind of a chick shirt ya?
  • Googooboyy said 283 weeks ago

    Girly, girly, girly.

    Nevertheless, very neat n nice!
  • twhit said 283 weeks ago

    TIGER WITH JEDI SWORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!
  • Teknikas said 283 weeks ago

    Cool shirt for a chick, my "wow no" comment is directed at this shirt on a dude...
  • KurtMcAllister said 283 weeks ago

    @twhit It's a lightsaber-toothed tiger, and I would love to see that on a tshirt. I'd buy it in an instant.
  • Digifreke said 283 weeks ago

    He looks like Jesus! O_o
  • sawbones84 said 283 weeks ago

    no prob with the pink, but white shirts don't tend to make it through many washes before "wearing out."
  • DCBeatty said 283 weeks ago

    Haha you guys need to be more secure in your masculinity. I love the design and the colors. The dealbreaker for me though is that the print is so small. Not to sound all picky and everything, but I have this thing where I feel kinda exposed or naked or something wearing a white shirt that has a bunch of blank space, namely where my nipples are haha. Just one of those personal things. Props to Tobias on the design, but this isn't for me.
  • theghotiman said 283 weeks ago

    I was immediately reminded of this shirt. However, I like this one too.
  • Shan_T said 283 weeks ago

    What?!? I totally dig the statement of music in motion, passion in music. Sure the purple would not be my personal first choice in color but like DCBeatty implied, its not the shirt that makes the man, it the man! Also personally I like the off centered design. It gives me motivation to work my midsection :-P ! Awesome shirt Tobias. Yo Teefury, can I get a green/black techie shirt next!
  • Linesks27 said 283 weeks ago

    you would sell a lot more if this was in a different color, turquoise and black would be amazing!!! but Kudos this piece speaks!
  • Olechka said 283 weeks ago

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    I like this!
  • maskoficarus said 283 weeks ago

    mmm... this is so yummy yum yum yum.. mmmm mmmm mmm.
    I have homosexual feelings towards this shirt.
  • IAmTheBorg said 283 weeks ago

    Oh, how magnificent! Really quite lovely. Congratulations!
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