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Winter Birds


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I like it!!! -


  • kxsoccer31 said 285 weeks ago

    pretty ballin.
  • JadeAuto said 285 weeks ago

    interesting, but not my style.
  • ladynightshade said 285 weeks ago

    Like the illustration, but for some reason I can only think of the little ravens and the goonies from Yoshi's Island...

    Love the turtles on the side
  • Nominate said 285 weeks ago

    When are they gonna cough up another one of them TeeFury logos on it? I've been waiting for another shot at that for a while.
  • eludingsun said 285 weeks ago

    aww, i love the turtles on the side. :)
  • tweetick said 285 weeks ago

    Go get the turtles at woot.shirt!
  • jamiesoncostello said 285 weeks ago

    I bought that turtles shirt! And I wore it yesterday!
  • auryon said 285 weeks ago

    I am suddenly reminded of Jim Henson for reasons I cannot quite explain.

    Ah well. Crows! ...Or are they ravens? ...Um. BIRDS!!1!
  • northcaligurl11 said 284 weeks ago

    I really like the monsters under the bed one... too bad...
  • biotwist said 284 weeks ago

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    the ninja turtle one is so cutr
  • opifan64 said 284 weeks ago

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    love your drawing style! all your designs are great
  • lydea said 284 weeks ago

    Those are some crazy-awesome-looking birds :)
  • Scrimshaw said 284 weeks ago

    I like it, but it's not in my favorite colours.
    However, I ADORE the one on the right with the monsters tunnelling under the kid's bed. If that were a shirt I would buy it in an instant.
    Keep it up!
  • Tikichris said 284 weeks ago

    Argh, another animal print!
  • Tesko said 284 weeks ago

    I like the turtle one too - not a fan of the feature, but interesting.
  • LiLStephy said 284 weeks ago

    I agree with Tikichris, I love animals but I have too many tees with birds and other creatures.
  • undertow976 said 284 weeks ago

    Sell the turtles, I will buy them. . . Birds . . . not so much
  • DeadFrog said 284 weeks ago

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    Thanks for all of the great comments. I waited until morning to post so it wouldn't look like I was up all night watching the sales.

    As mentioned above (thanks Tweetick!) the turtle shirt is being sold by Shirt.Woot here:

    Thanks again everyone and especially MJ for curating!
  • pleasedressme said 284 weeks ago

    Like the art, but I think it could be improved with some different colors. Well done either way!

    AJ Vaynerchuk
    Co-Founder: PleaseDressMe
  • goodgravey said 284 weeks ago

    yeah, I'll admit the idea of this is pretty awesome! but, somehow the color... it dosen't stand out too well. The design kinda blends into the background on the shirt, I dunno really how! Eye confusing I guess ;;

    Absoulotly LOVE your monster stuff though! I can't get enough of that tv guy!
  • dudley53 said 284 weeks ago

    Seems very quite here.
  • Chellio said 284 weeks ago

    I like the design and concept, but I don't like the color combination. Maybe a white shirt with a blue or purple design color... Or black with a light color.
  • Chellio said 284 weeks ago

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I adore all of the designs on the side. The little (big?) critter with a TV on his head is so cute!
  • Kimoppi said 284 weeks ago

    There something about the birds' feet that I can't get past. Lame, but true.
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