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Frozen in Time and Space


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  • natoshka said 14 weeks ago

    This was my first TeeFury shirt and I love it! I keep showing it off whenever I can. Great design!
  • mommyducky said 14 weeks ago

    This was also my first and it is beautiful!! Thank you teefury!
  • museluvr21 said 13 weeks ago

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    can this be made in child sizes???
  • dfunk29 said 11 weeks ago

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    I am going to be broke! I love both of these Frozen/Who mash-ups!
  • OnyxRain said 10 weeks ago

    Loved this shirt! Bought it for my daughter's 10th Birthday, and made a cake inspired by it. :)


    museluvr21 I ordered a Women's Medium, and it fits my average sized 10-year-old just right (as seen in photo above).