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Noise Pollution


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I love this -


  • GriffinFire said 282 weeks ago

    Nifty! I like the placement on the shirt.
  • bajunda said 282 weeks ago

    sweet design, i love any use of a ghettoblaster
  • buellx1l said 282 weeks ago

    diggin the placement.
  • MDreamr4 said 282 weeks ago

    this is adorable. great placement, love the color combos!
  • FueledByPez said 282 weeks ago

    I like it... cool shirt color too - tempting.
  • stablercake said 282 weeks ago

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    This is awesome! I love the greens! Looks great on tan C:
  • EdwardBlake said 282 weeks ago

    Needs more cowbell.
  • Gum said 282 weeks ago

    walle + mutagen = ok!
  • Soccerfun88 said 282 weeks ago

    Third cool design in a row - third shirt in a row that's not for me. Don't really dig the shirt color.
  • icecube said 282 weeks ago

    :D I love Mathijs's shirts. Congratz!
  • expel said 282 weeks ago

    i'm a sucker for shirts with a music themes. i look forward to receiving this in the mail.
  • necrophyte said 282 weeks ago

    This site has some odd affinity for robots and birds. And yet I have yet to see a robotic bird.
  • peppersagooddog said 282 weeks ago

    wotto has a thing for robots and jimiyo has a thing for birds. someday they will get sick of them, but now that you said "robot bird" start taking bets on them doing a collaboration of exactly that between them...
  • biotwist said 282 weeks ago

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    the robots back!
  • Stormink said 282 weeks ago


    Thank you so much. Awesome design Mathijs! Keep puttin em out. I love your volcano one and iceberg one as well. Congrats on the print and on a great shirt.

    Thank you TeeFury for redeeming yourself!
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 282 weeks ago

    Oh I'm in a tight spot here...I love this shirt! Not as much as yesterday's but it's still pretty cool. Love the shirt color, green is my favorite color and the two look great together.
    But seriously, I am running out of money and dresser space...GAAAAHHHH!!! I'm gonna have to use restraint today....MUST...NOT...BUY...ANOTHER...SHIRT

    Sorry :(
  • matt2kool said 282 weeks ago

    the anothersite link on the right links to tee fury
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 282 weeks ago

    That being said, the volcano is absolutley HILARIOUS!!!!!
  • Frickinawesome said 282 weeks ago

    yeay demented! Congrats man, so good!
  • rahmer81 said 282 weeks ago

    i like the colors....

    but seriously, can we get a guitar shirt on here instead of random monsters and other weird stuff??? you people will sell a lot more shirts with music themes instead of random weirdness!!
  • rahmer81 said 282 weeks ago

    and funny volcano shirt man!!!
  • paulkremer said 282 weeks ago

    What an awesome shirt!!!
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 282 weeks ago

    there have been guitars rahmer, and this is a music themed shirt, look closer.
    besides, guitar shirts are quite mainstream, and teefury is anything but.
  • plungah said 282 weeks ago

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