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Piranha Still Life


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  • JadenKale said 284 weeks ago

    Grats on the print, Loopy!!!
  • fischer said 284 weeks ago

    interesting... kinda diggin it.
  • 2thFairy said 284 weeks ago

    Clever. Congrats, infinityloop!
  • raytendo said 284 weeks ago

  • WonderBunny said 284 weeks ago

    I love your designs Loopy, so I had to pick this up.

    Although, nerdy as my boyfriend is, the first thing he thought of this was "Little Shoppe of Horrors".
  • superspryte said 284 weeks ago

    Love it. ^_^;
  • dmny said 284 weeks ago

    I've seen your designs over at shirt.woot. That site got too cute for thier own good. This deisgn however is pretty cool. Congrats.
  • AdderXYU said 284 weeks ago

    Pff. Who wants an impressionist shirt?
  • AdderXYU said 284 weeks ago

    Also, what're you doing with that chess shirt? That's anothersite fare if I've ever seen it.
  • BOB said 284 weeks ago

    oh sweet, super mario bros. items! took me a second to see it, I like it. there's mushroom, leaf, fireflower, and a piranha plant (though not an item, but still cool)
  • SailorButterfly said 284 weeks ago

    Love the shirt, iLoop!

    Thanks for the shout out!
  • wasabiface said 284 weeks ago

    I LOVE the whistler's mother parody!
  • Jabbasi said 284 weeks ago

    where have i seen this before ;)

    this shirt is awesome!!
  • stablercake said 284 weeks ago

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    Cute idea, a little unfinished on the execution for my taste.

    Love the Whistler's Mother one, though c:
  • Aegis said 284 weeks ago

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    FEED ME! Nice style.
  • Teknikas said 284 weeks ago

    Did wootshirt get a new layout or something...oh wait this is teefury (scratches head) Teefury, careful not to turn into another wootshirt printing stuff like this...I'd say congrats on the print dude, but I'd prefer to see that designs like yours stay within the world of woot and definitely not on Teefury. Not trying to be rude, but your art doesn't seem to reflect the overall style of the shirts that are normally printed on this site...

    I hate the taste of sloppy woot derby seconds...teefury fail
  • Teknikas said 284 weeks ago

    Even the picture at the top of the portfolio is "woot cutesy"... This printing is like putting up a sign that says "Woot shirt derby fail, submit here".

  • Nula said 284 weeks ago

    The picture at the top of the portfolio is awesome and far far too good for woot, and I'm sad that it's them that printed it. Teknikas, you have rubbish taste. Impressionism is awesome.

    And WTF are you talking about with regard to a teefury "overall style"? That's totally ludicrous, the stuff printed on here is soooo freaking diverse. That's why we have things that look like tattoos and sketchy caricatures and things that are too stereotypical and occasionally some gorgeous artwork. Can you please explain this overall style?

    I'm not a fan of this particular shirt either, but seriously, don't be a DonkeyKong.

  • Stormink said 284 weeks ago

    I think if Teefury was going to break out and use 5 colors it needed to be more worth it. Sorry if that sounds really rude but that's what I feel.
  • Teknikas said 284 weeks ago

    Simmer down chainsaw.

    Nula, this is a comment board and that was my comment...get over it. Go vote in a wootshirt derby or something. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but I'd assume that 90% of the people who regularly frequent this site agree with or at least understand the meaning of my comment.

    Now, take a deep breath....breeeeath, eveything will be alright Nula. lol
  • Teknikas said 284 weeks ago

    And btw, I never said I didn't like impressionism so way to jump to conclusions there Sherlock. I actually agree with you in a round about way, impressionism CAN BE awesome.
  • wotto said 284 weeks ago

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    Ease up folks. Teefury is all about trying different art everyday for 365 days. Me, MJ and Jimiyo all bring a different flavour to the mix and I for one think that's a good thing. If the shirt aint for you then don't make a purchase, simple. I personally really like Infinity loops' work and the Van Gogh design on the side is so well done, seriously.
  • auryon said 284 weeks ago

    Always had a soft spot for classical art techniques being used to describe something modern. It's naturally surreal that way.
  • sanders said 284 weeks ago

    I so want that Pheonix design.

    I love the mario bros idea...stinkin classic with Van Gogh.
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