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Lovin' the colours! They stand out nice against the black. Not particularly my style of t-shirt, but you did a wonderful job on it! -


  • mrdavenport said 285 weeks ago

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    amazing work as always fat mouse!
  • Nicoko said 285 weeks ago

    Not my kind of shirt I'm not big on gore but that's a personal preference but I would buy atleaste 2 shirts with the Atlas design on them that one is amazing
  • peppersagooddog said 285 weeks ago

  • Sanus said 285 weeks ago

    ....what the...
  • Hopey said 285 weeks ago

    I had to get one for my brother. This shirt is as weird as he is.
  • Fat mouse said 285 weeks ago

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    Thanks fine people
  • BOB said 285 weeks ago

    love it. might buy it.
  • Crushem said 285 weeks ago

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    Brilliant! :)
  • suphia said 285 weeks ago

    i'm really disappointed in the T's lately...COME ON PEOPLE!
  • moral savvy said 285 weeks ago

    Not my sort of design again, just a little too weird for me, but I freaking LOVE the first design on the right! The man with the globe on his shoulders is amazing!
  • 22ofME said 285 weeks ago

  • 22ofME said 285 weeks ago

    I agree with Suphia
    I mean, SERIOUSLY!!!
  • thegoob said 285 weeks ago

    Hmmmm.....ok next!
  • BCHC said 285 weeks ago

    Those halftone textures look great.
  • j0b0sapi3n said 285 weeks ago

    cool shirt for sure, just not really for me. definitely a talented designer though!
  • Jestik said 285 weeks ago

    so is there not gonna be a TF bird shirt this month?
  • wotto said 285 weeks ago

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    awesome artwork
  • twirling around said 285 weeks ago

    i agree with suphia and 2+2=5. it used to be hard not to order a shirt everyday... and now all i see are "designs" i wouldn't spend a penny on. i've also noticed that majority of the comments left on here are positive. i used to think it was an extremely nice community here at tee fury, but i've come to realize that a lot of the negative comments end up getting DELETED by the staff (which i wont be surprised if this one does). everyone has their opinion with art and design and i think tee fury should accept that. if many of us here feel that the selection has gone downhill, than we, being customers, should be able to state so. ok... THE END!!
  • Tikichris said 285 weeks ago

    What the...? Fat Mouse has some great stuff but this is not one of them.

    On a side note, has anyone else noticed the amount of dragons on all the shirts recently?
  • mista-j said 285 weeks ago

    I like the color scheme and the overall design.
    I dont like the blood and gore that is portrayed...
    just not sure where i would wear it at.
    i'd certainly go with a kung fu, ninja, or nunchuck guy

    i'll wait for something tamer
  • robinzeggblu said 285 weeks ago

    I love the coloring, and the line work is well done, It's just not my kind of design. keep up the good work tho :)
  • undertow976 said 285 weeks ago

    It would be nice as a poster, but I would cross the street if I saw anyone wearing this as a shirt. . . sorry.
  • SheRocks said 285 weeks ago

    You're a great artist..but GROSS!;/
  • charlie325 said 285 weeks ago

    umm...ok? what in the world is the point of this piece? very disappointing...not interesting. not desireable. not even creative. just kinda...bleh...
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