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sweet :D -


  • SlippyBog said 285 weeks ago

    this is actually good I like it alot
  • fatalligator said 285 weeks ago

    wow loving the colors. definite buy
  • sawbones84 said 285 weeks ago

    nice, but that smurf will crawl into your armpit
  • H.V. said 285 weeks ago

    This is awsm! I think I need this in my life.
  • MDreamr4 said 285 weeks ago

    This is an awesome design, love the colors. Might buy in the morning, congrats!
  • MDreamr4 said 285 weeks ago

    Also, I just saw the chameleon/ship print in the sidebar and lol'd. nice one.
  • AdderXYU said 285 weeks ago

    nice one, AB. Love the placement especially.
  • icecube said 285 weeks ago

    Is that turtle shirt on sale anywhere? O_O
  • icecube said 285 weeks ago

    Ah, sometimes I really wish there was an edit button on TeeFury. I found the turtle design (A Study of Turtles) on anothersite. I hope it gets printed soon.
  • jlawrence said 285 weeks ago

    One of the better ones recently! Your turtle illustration is hilarious, I'd snatch that right up.
  • myjestik said 285 weeks ago

    ooo i like this
  • atomicchild said 285 weeks ago

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    awesome man you have a great style
  • Stormink said 285 weeks ago

    Is it new for Teefury to be able to print up in that corner like that? If so its a good step...
  • stablercake said 285 weeks ago

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    Ooo, I like the colors.

    And I am DIGGING that curlyshoe man toting a bus.
  • styrofoam said 285 weeks ago

    hmm. i'll sleep on this one. it could be my first teefury buy!
    love the colors &design!

    a bit worried about placement though, especially with boobage. 0=
  • heatwaves said 285 weeks ago

    As a man who appreciates boobage, I believe it is excellent placement!
  • professorE said 285 weeks ago

    Aaaaah, Hector! I hate myself a thousand different ways for cashing my last check rather than depositing it into my account. I will have no available funds til later this week!

    Please o please Teefury, print Hector again, and soon!

    At least I have Identity Crisis to wear in the meantime...
  • fischer said 285 weeks ago

    Awesome stuff! may have to buy this one!
  • Sanus said 285 weeks ago

    Nice and simple but a bit too cartoony for me.
  • daveconrey said 285 weeks ago

    Think I'm going to have to pull the trigger on this one.
  • Crushem said 285 weeks ago

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    Very cool :)
  • Arelle said 285 weeks ago

    I love the hand drawn, sketchy feeling... reminds me of starbucks! :) Your style in general is very refreshing... I need to ponder over it for a bit, but I'm definitely digging this one for wearing and brightening up those rainy days :D
  • Frickinawesome said 285 weeks ago

    AB print! Sweetness!
  • SloppyGeorge said 285 weeks ago

    This shirt reminds me of a theory I read a while back, about how cosmic rays smashing into clouds are what give thunderstorms their energy. I always thought there was beauty in that, that even lightning needs something to spark it. I'm not sure if that's intentional, but this shirt conveys that beauty perfectly, good work.
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