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Awesome Shirt for an awesome occasion. -


  • d00jc0re said 287 weeks ago

    yes! buying it!
  • tbeanz said 287 weeks ago

    Is anyone else here bothered by pleasedressme's advertisements?
  • desertimported said 287 weeks ago

    This is a very charming caricature. I love it. Great color choice.
  • Nominate said 287 weeks ago

    Love the caricatures.
  • tbeanz said 287 weeks ago

    btw, awesome caricature!
  • hkward001 said 287 weeks ago

    Love it! The McCain and Clinton ones are excellent as well. I always love your work.
  • jimiyo said 287 weeks ago

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    Somewhat bothered since our shirt doesnt appear on the top of the page. If it was a specific blog entry, but it's not. Hrm...
  • iCleanWater said 287 weeks ago

    God, I especially love the Hillary Clinton one.
  • SlippyBog said 287 weeks ago

    I'm watching the inauguration tomorrow
  • IAmTheBorg said 287 weeks ago

    Oh my stars. Hillary has got the wonk eye, that's fo sho!
  • daveconrey said 287 weeks ago

    I was just thinking about something. No other president in history has ever had so many people wear shirts with his face on them. This is definitely a new era.
  • Jabbasi said 287 weeks ago

    would seem kinda awkward to wear this
  • AdderXYU said 287 weeks ago

    even if Obama didn't look more like a mouse than a man, and even if the market wasn't flooded beyond flooded with Obamerch, I would still feel incredibly awkward just wearing someone's image on my chest with no further commentary or concept.
  • brycedriesenga said 287 weeks ago

    Awesome caricature! This is a nice design, though, I wouldn't buy the shirt. I would love one of these caricatures done of each member of the Beatles on a shirt, though! I sadly missed out on the Bob Dylan shirt.

    Oh, also, I am slightly annoyed by the PleaseDressMe adverts as well, especially when they aren't featuring the shirts more than any other shirts on their site... My advice would be to just leave your normal comment, and leave a simple link at the bottom of it. :)
  • verilens said 287 weeks ago

    If it weren't for the fact that I just finished making myself an Obama shirt to wear tomorrow, I would snap this up. That and it's the same frickin' blue as the Bob Dylan shirt, which I own, and also the same blue as the last TF shirt I bought. I'm trying to avoid having 39428905283 shirts that are all the same color. I guess it's just my luck that all the designs I like end up on light blue!
  • TheBeard said 287 weeks ago

    Considering buying this, although I do have an Obey shirt with the O man on there.

    Also, I think you ought to grow a beard Randy. I highly recommend it.
    Ignor any bias you think I may have...
  • smiffy said 287 weeks ago

    If I saw this on someones T-shirt I wouldn't automatically think 'Barrack Obama'. I don't think it's instantly recognisable like the Obey one or even the Design By Humans one.
  • Googooboyy said 287 weeks ago

    Who's that? JUZ KIDDING! Okay, very nice caricature! And what do you know, his tie matched the tee background! Brilliant!
  • chlobot said 287 weeks ago

    Bought it!!

    I bought the Dylan shirt you had two or so months ago and I love it
  • Renae said 287 weeks ago

    I like it. :D But his right eye bothers me for some reason.(The one closest)
    It would of been better if this was up a week or so ago, so you would have it around the time he got inaugurated.
  • FAT said 287 weeks ago

    Awesome work! That Hillary looks like a scary pekinoua! haha :)
  • afrieds said 287 weeks ago

    more mcquien shirts in the future please. and please put them on colored shirts. i would have gotten the dylan one a while back if it were on a colored tee. great work.
  • FAT said 287 weeks ago

    Next time print the Thom Yorke caricature! I LOVE IT!
  • thejakeyl88 said 287 weeks ago

    Great the anti-, I mean Obama on a shirt. Next!
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