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A Link Between Triforces


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This shirt looks incredible! must... have... -


  • lmsolson said 29 weeks ago

    I'm really disappointed in this shirt. I was so excited to receive it. I ordered a woman's XXL, just to be on the safe side. I was so excited. Unfortunately, I received it and found that it was the equivalent of a Children's Medium in size, I literally held it up to my sons shirt, how rediculous.
    So now I'm hoping it comes back so I can order it in an actual adult size.
  • Kittyyusei said 24 weeks ago

    My partner bought this for me, but it never arrived due to post. TeeFury was not at fault, and were nice enough to refund the cost.

    I want this to come back so I can get a new one ^^
  • slampt said 15 hours ago

    I loved this shirt. It went missing and then I found it in the garden!!! I blame the dog. I hope this comes back soon!!