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nice shirt , gonna thing about it -


  • perez006 said 286 weeks ago

    I love it.. and am getting it right now :)
  • heartluce said 286 weeks ago

    This is great Olechka... also got compliments on hummingbird the other day!
  • deethers said 286 weeks ago

    omg, my kinda of shirt
  • JadenKale said 286 weeks ago

    very well drawn (both the ink and pencil parts) I really like how this flows. Grats Olechka. BTW, love your House piece XD
  • indievik said 286 weeks ago

    Cool shirt. Not for me, but I dig it. I am in love, however, with your House design :)
  • Olechka said 286 weeks ago

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    Thanks for the comments! The House design is available on a tee here here.
  • spamuella said 286 weeks ago

    this is great

    i'm short on money though.

    maybe another time.

    your sketches at the side are breathtaking.

    great job.
  • Wax Doll said 286 weeks ago

    Oh my... I'm proud to say that your talent has won me over. I'm a fan of your designs.

    I will be watching you (in a non-creepy way).
  • muzzie said 286 weeks ago

    This design is the


    Your other designs are sweet also!
  • crochet_bunnie said 286 weeks ago

    I love the House and the zebra art on the right. :) Nice work.
  • moral savvy said 286 weeks ago

    The House one made me LOL. My husband gave me a weird look. xD
  • AhemAhem said 286 weeks ago

    One of the best shirts I have seen on here. I am in love with it.
  • Drew said 286 weeks ago

    i would buy this if i was fragile. cool art
  • Jestik said 286 weeks ago

    Is it pronounced: "Frah-JEE-LEE" ???

    is it Italian?

    I love this, a wonderful print, good job!
  • stablercake said 286 weeks ago

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    Not for me. The girl looks a bit rushed.

    Makes me think of things I doodled on notebooks in high school.

    You obviously can draw, your other work is so much nicer. It's not showing through in this piece.
  • ten08 said 286 weeks ago

    reminds me of the artwork from Tool's Aenima album
    It's probably not the only time the two pupil thing has been done, definitely not implying any wrongdoing by the artist. I'm just saying that, because of my long-term familiarity with the album artwork, I'm unable to see this one in the way the artist intends.
  • em said 286 weeks ago

    Your work is amazing!
  • ten08 said 286 weeks ago

    whoops, html fail
  • Knoc said 286 weeks ago

    I really like the art work on this shirt. I would like to have it on my wall, but as for a tee on a guy.. Im not real sure. Kinda metro.. Definitely a hot shirt for a girl! Please dont take it in a bad way though, the artwork is awesome though.
  • Amagoi said 286 weeks ago

    Wow, you're so talented...I especially love your sketches to the right of the sunhat and rainbow haired girls!

    As for the shirt, this design is fabulous. Now I just have to decide whether to give into temptation and get it *is currently budgeting AND also has too many sand-colored shirts from this site, want D:*
  • robbrown said 286 weeks ago

    This is a great shirt and the closest that I've come to making my first purchase.
  • eph3m3ralxlov3 said 286 weeks ago

    Might have to be my first purchase.
    LOVE the House design, and the zebra.
    Nice work.
  • themidgardknight said 286 weeks ago

    I like the zebra.
  • Iso said 286 weeks ago

    I love the zebra! Can I have that instead?! Pleeeeeaaase? :-)
    Your drawings are amazing.
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