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The Wolf


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Gargamel! :D -


  • robinzeggblu said 286 weeks ago

    and, dude, that's awesome :D nice work!
  • pleasedressme said 286 weeks ago

    Nice art, just not a big fan of wolves in general. If I had to choose, I would go with the blue.

    AJ Vaynerchuk
    Co-Founder: PleaseDressMe
  • Nominate said 286 weeks ago

    Dayum ... I like how the images meld/blend into each other. This is hot ...

    The ones on the side bar are amazing also!
  • robinzeggblu said 286 weeks ago

    I absolutely love the tiger too, great use of textures
  • Sick_Girl said 286 weeks ago

    WOW I LOVE IT!! I'm such a sucker for wolves! Definite purchase!!
  • roboroller said 286 weeks ago

    ooooooo pretty, i'm so awesomely tempted to buy this.
  • Gillz said 286 weeks ago

    Night of the wolf...thats some awesome artwork right there!
  • XxWillxX said 286 weeks ago

    This is so rad, as part of the wolf clan in my native american trbe, this is a definite buy. Great work
  • themidgardknight said 286 weeks ago

    This is great!
  • buellx1l said 286 weeks ago

    this shirt is sweet, and pretty gender neutral.

    this is something a guy and his grilfriend could pull off on the same day.
  • rourick said 286 weeks ago

    Wow, you guys should definitely print some more of Brian's stuff! I'm a big fan of the tiger, as well as some of his works featuring aquatic animals, particularly the eels and the jellyfish with crowns
  • Sick_Girl said 286 weeks ago

    Funny you should say that, I just got done buying two.
  • eph3m3ralxlov3 said 286 weeks ago

    I love this. Would definetly wear it.

    Also love the jellyfish and the lion. Nice work.
  • Karyuu said 286 weeks ago

    Noooo! I want the men's coloring!
  • Crushem said 286 weeks ago

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    Wicked! The art on the side is killa too :)
  • skateboardstef said 286 weeks ago

    This design is sweet, thinking about getting one for me and my boyfriend!
  • thejakeyl88 said 286 weeks ago

    The wolf is my favorite creature. I was actually just reading an article about a wolf before coming to teefury, so naturally when I saw the shirt I immediately bought it.
  • thejakeyl88 said 286 weeks ago

    I also want to add that fall is my favorite season, so the leaves just adds the final touch to a perfect shirt for me. Its more than a design to me, it speaks directly to my likes.
  • Silverpsycho said 286 weeks ago

    This will be my second purchase on TeeFury. I too have a love for wolves and Fall.
    At first I preferred the men's shirt because I loved the orange but then the women's spoke to me on the navy so that's what I went with.
    Congratulations to the artist on a job well done. Awesome shirt.
  • Silverpsycho said 286 weeks ago

    Also is there any way to get a nice close-up detailed image of the women's version? I like to save them as wallpapers because I'm a nerd, ha ha. :D
  • happy noodle said 286 weeks ago

    cool design, absolutely awful color choices in my opinion. Might've looked nice in black/white or in less vivid colors that better correspond to highlight/shadow.

    Side pieces are awesome!
  • liner13 said 286 weeks ago

    Wow, the jellyfish one is AMAZING. It looks like you did it by blowing drops of paint. Did you actually do that or is it solely a digital technique?
  • BCHC said 286 weeks ago

    Looks really good.
  • lysol92 said 286 weeks ago

    Awesome colours.
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