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Hands of Fate


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What is this design from? I love it but theres no comments which usually tell you.. looks like tri force in background but havent played the latest game. -


  • Sleezy said 36 weeks ago

    It's from Assassin's Creed. The logo on the left hand (below the palm) represents the Knights Templar and the logo on the left hand (at the base of the arm) represents the Assassin Order, as does the wrist blade on the forearm. The logo in the background belongs to Abstergo Corporation, the company that encompasses the modern Knights Templar. Abstergo is your chief antagonist.
  • Sleezy said 36 weeks ago

    Whoops, the *right hand represents the Assassin Order.
  • chronarda said 35 weeks ago

    Additionally, on both hand eyes represents sixth sense called Eagle Vision (and Templar Vision). Below the cross — lines from Apple of Edem. Hidden Blade with skull belonged to Edward from ACIV. Eagle feather appeared in ACI as successful execution of the order, in ACIII eagle feather prettify the costume of the protagonist. Tears mean blood as well as sad fate of assassins themseves. Above the anchor — freemasons symbol, because I think if they will be introduced in the series, they should be templars :o) The hook on the assassin's hand placed just because Edward is pirate, the key on the templar's hand means their desire to open all secrets.
  • morentin1326 said 25 weeks ago

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    rec in our grab bag... awesome... my son is going to love it...
  • outlawbuu said 24 weeks ago

    Whaaattttttt!!!!! I want it....bring it back :(