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I got the e-mail showing that this design would be on sale soon. This past weekend, I just got so overwhelmed with work that I completely forgot to check every day for it to go on sale. Now it's too late and I'm SO upset that I missed it. Monsters Inc. is my all time favorite Pixar character and Sully/Kitty is my favorite character. Please, please, please bring this design back. I'd pay double for it if I had to! T_T -


  • Catwoman319 said 36 weeks ago

    *Monsters Inc. is my all time favorite Pixar movie (not character)
  • MiraRaine said 31 weeks ago

    I was super happy to have just gotten this in my "grab bag!"
  • kbridgette said 28 weeks ago

    THIS is the one I was sooooo hoping for in my grab bag :'| please please please please pleaaaaaaaaaaase bring this back.
  • marcushung said 28 weeks ago

    please bring this back!! monster inc is my favorite.