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  • heartluce said 289 weeks ago

    Extra. Ordinary. Cool design Robbie!
  • Allissan said 289 weeks ago

    Not really liking this all that much.
  • 2thFairy said 289 weeks ago

    Way cool Robbie Lee! :)
  • AdderXYU said 289 weeks ago

    The world needs more eels and robbie lee.
  • eHalcyon said 289 weeks ago

    Arg. Saw the thread in World of Woot Shirts that said you were at TeeFury and I suddenly had hope that it would be the badminton shirt. Soon, right Mr. Lee? Soon...
  • RawkHeroin said 289 weeks ago

    Oooo, I hope the first shirt I ordered is here tomorrow so I can make sure on the size. Wanna pick one of these up if I still have time.
  • mlovesr said 289 weeks ago

    I'm in for 3! I love its subtle wit and have it as my wallpaper at work :-) Congrats on the print Robbie!
  • TheBeard said 289 weeks ago

    There's a certain something about this shirt I really like, and I can't put my finger on it. I want it, but my funds are low, so I'm going to sleep on it, and see where I stand tomorrow...
  • twhit said 289 weeks ago

    Hate to say it but it looks like Blagojevich...... although it'd be freakin' hilarious if it said something funny on the shirt lol
  • Googooboyy said 289 weeks ago

    This shirt is truly emotional. Look at those little robot eyes that's filled with fear and hope at the same time. Awww..

    Love it. Bought!
  • derekfilley said 289 weeks ago

    sweet, robbie!
  • Arrow said 289 weeks ago

    Congrats Robbie!!
  • hardluckart said 289 weeks ago

    aw, man...if i weren't broke as a joke i would buy this in a heartbeat! wonderful design, good color choices; i hope we get to see more from this artist.
  • erinlee said 289 weeks ago

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    Aww so cute...!
  • Andy47240 said 289 weeks ago

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    Yeah Robbie!
    I always love your Robot creatures.
  • BarryBostwick said 289 weeks ago

    I'm really liking this shirt. So close to buying it.
  • robbielee said 289 weeks ago

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    Thanks for the comments, folks, and thanks teefury for the print. I'm really excited about this design and can't wait to wear it...
  • Nula said 288 weeks ago

    Back in the day "extra-ordinary" was often more defined like it is on this shirt, and hyphenating CAN give sugggest that it is super normal, but of course "extraordinary" is made up of those two words in the first place, and that's how it comes by the original meaning. "Extra" is used in it's meaning "external" or "outside of" in extraordinary, so something that is Extra-Ordinary would be outside the ordinary, hence the original meaning of the word from those roots.

    I'm sorry, I'm an English tutor, I think I was through life with a big red editing pen permanently affixed to my hand and my librarian geek glasses superglued to my face. I like the robot because of the double meaning on the shirt, and I feel like he's going to flash a cheesy grin and read me the weather report with that hairdo. Carry on!
  • samonasc said 288 weeks ago

    am i the only one that thinks the robot looks like its masturbating
  • SheRocks said 288 weeks ago

    Great style!
  • brycedriesenga said 288 weeks ago

    Hobo STD! Such a great font when used well, haha.

    Nice shirt. :)
  • mista-j said 288 weeks ago

    start taking paypal please!
    this is a must buy
  • Amagoi said 288 weeks ago

    This is so cute! I love it. I would buy it, but I'm hesitant because of RawkHeroin's reason - that I have yet to received my first shirt, and I'm worried about size. :X Agh, decisions, decisions...
  • mybelle717 said 288 weeks ago

    Dang! If I buy this it will be the first time I buy 2 consective shirts on here! Can't help it! tooo cute! Ok, sold! *can't resist those robots*
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