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Animal Gravity


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wow. been looking to buy a nice brown shirt. this might be it. -


  • jfket said 288 weeks ago

  • vynguyen91 said 288 weeks ago

    Sweet shirt!
  • Hydra said 288 weeks ago

    I'm digging the western mountain theme, I likey.
  • eludingsun said 288 weeks ago

    i've been wanting a nice brown shirt, but i will have to think about it.
  • AlexWillms said 288 weeks ago

    I'm really liking this. It's an interesting mixture of themes and ideas.
  • roboroller said 288 weeks ago

    Ah! now this is mint, i'll have to sleep on it a bit, but you might have my pocket money by tommorow.
  • roboroller said 288 weeks ago

    I also love, love, love that number over to the right with the eagles and the forest, absolutely wonderful.
  • Vo1ture said 288 weeks ago

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    Wow, could it actually be a shirt that I would wear? Too bad I don't buy shirts though. But hope you sell alot good stuff here.
  • imtoojody said 288 weeks ago

    My first Tee Fury purchase since finding the site about a week ago. I LOVE the colors and it's a great design.
  • samsonkg said 288 weeks ago

    would have bought it tonight if the birds on the bottom half weren't all positioned incorrectly. if the animals on the ground are going to be upside down, the birds have to be, too.
  • ZealotGlobal said 288 weeks ago

    ohh, man....
    i'm seriously considering this as my first tee
    time to think =P
  • crowface63 said 288 weeks ago

    love it.. but I've bought too many shirts lately..
  • mybelle717 said 288 weeks ago

    Hello my name is Michelle and I am a Teefury-oholic,seriously,this is my fourth purchase in 10 days! Too much awesomeness! Can't resist!
  • mrdavenport said 288 weeks ago

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    nice! love your work!
  • ZealotGlobal said 288 weeks ago

    loving your iphone covers too, might buy one of those :)
  • ZealotGlobal said 288 weeks ago

    @ samson
    think of them as birds flapping their wings, and the wings are pointed downward, then they'll look right side up =)
  • Shirts on Sale said 288 weeks ago

    Or realize that the birds aren't affected by the same gravity as the Earthbound animals and appreciate a nice little quirk that only people with too much time to examine your belly are going to see.
  • hardluckart said 288 weeks ago

    gorgeous design, love the color choices. i may have to break down and buy this one.
  • Googooboyy said 288 weeks ago

    So now we now that there's a freaking star in the earth's core. Brilliant lines and silhouttes. Nice.
  • Crushem said 288 weeks ago

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    Love this!
  • Jestik said 288 weeks ago

    I like it. Probably not enough to buy it, but that's more a commentary on the limited space in my closet than my appreciation of your design. Good show.
  • Joetry said 288 weeks ago

    I could cry! I love this design SO much... But I get paid on Monday.

    Somebody buy this for me in a Men's SMALL, and I'll paypal you $30 for it on monday?

    Help me V__V

    [email protected]
  • matt2kool said 288 weeks ago

    wow i really like this. never worn brown before, but this will be my 3rd brown shirt from tee fury.
  • pandora said 288 weeks ago

    i love this. I might buy it except it would be my second brown shirt from teefury...
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