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  • addsteve said 287 weeks ago

    Wow get a life.
  • insolv1niac86 said 287 weeks ago

    looks nice
  • addsteve said 287 weeks ago

    Anyway. I really like the art. I am not big on white shirts but congrats for the win.
  • addsteve said 287 weeks ago

    To clarify, the get a life comment was to the "first" poster. Jimiyo you clearly have a good life. Keep up the art.
  • paintmeblue719 said 287 weeks ago

    Its beautiful, but a little too..directionless for me.
  • gemadha said 287 weeks ago

    NICE IDEA !!!! r u draw that only with pencil???
  • leanasidhe said 287 weeks ago

    beautiful! buying 2 of 'em (one as a gift).
  • EricDiaz said 287 weeks ago

    I knew Pacino was the bad cop! hahaha
  • lysol92 said 287 weeks ago

    rly? teefury has been slipping and this is seriously one of the worst shirts i have ever seen. like just such an overused idea that has somehow been made worse. i guess its better than birds... but i rly come to this site for some original designs. pls pls step it up teefury
  • XxWillxX said 287 weeks ago

    Awesome design, don't listen to the haters.
    Keep up the good work.
  • tabisu said 287 weeks ago

    It makes a fleur-de-lis!
    I want this now.
  • peppersagooddog said 287 weeks ago

    lysol... could you link some of these designs that make this such an over used theme?
    cause you see "overused" could be used with the name jimiyo only if you ARE talking about birds.
    this doesnt remind me of the classic op designs, and if it wasnt on white i would own the hell out of it.
    seeing as how i grew up on the damn california beaches, i would say you fail at being a troll.
    good day sir.
  • peppersagooddog said 287 weeks ago

    also: oil monster is one of my favs too lol

    but revelations (and always a jimi shirt actually) won me a couple hundred bux the other night so its my fav this week.

    if you go to casinos people, always wear a jimiyo.
    death on a pale unicorn has never failed to bring me luck either.
  • AlexWillms said 287 weeks ago

    How exactly did you do this? Are parts of it mirrored? It's quite nice.
  • jimiyo said 287 weeks ago

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    Thanks Pepper. :D

    Alex: It's all hand drawn then adjusted in photoshop. Most of it's mirrored. I am hoping they will print it as large as they can, so that it can look more like

    Then it would be much more impressive, almost quicksilver-y if I would have thrown in a little more splattery/decorative design fill
  • Ryan222008 said 287 weeks ago

    Great Design (bought)
  • snarkygal said 287 weeks ago

    Very pretty Jimi. Growing up, and living here in Los Angeles for 50 years, I've seen just about every surf tee under the sun, and this is quite different as a matter of fact. So go crawl back under your rock Lysol92.
  • StuartTheMan said 287 weeks ago

    Way awesome, you are a very talented artist. Keep makin' the sweet designs
  • daveconrey said 287 weeks ago

    very cool, but I hate white tshirts.
  • thejakeyl88 said 287 weeks ago

    I'm starting to recognize jimiyo's work now just by looking at it.
  • gaunty said 287 weeks ago

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    Nice work jimmy!
  • erinlee said 287 weeks ago

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    "So I BETTER sell at least two."
  • zepp62 said 287 weeks ago

    Much like thejakeyl88, I too am starting to easily recognize your work Jimiyo. It is all very distinct and unique work you do and I'm impressed every time you post up a new shirt. Keep up the great work, you're one of my favorite artists on this site. (Stop making me buy so many damn shirts!)
  • Jestik said 287 weeks ago

    Wow, jimiyo, that is a frakkin' sweet shirt! Is that the same "wave" shirt that I had seen a month or so ago? For some reason this looks familiar. It could just be because fate has told me we will be together, that we've always been together. (um, the shirt, not you, jimiyo....)
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