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I like I like -


  • Blanch1000 said 290 weeks ago


    but I wasn't last :(
  • nix said 290 weeks ago

    lolll nice
  • ninthkeys said 290 weeks ago

    Reminds em of something with a Japanese knock onit.

    I like.
  • SlippyBog said 290 weeks ago

    wow I'm buying this
  • HairyLump said 290 weeks ago

    Interesting. Rather dark in a cute kind of way.
  • eludingsun said 290 weeks ago

    interesting, i'm not really big on the colour palette. it's pretty plain, and wouldn't look good on me. but the idea in the work is interesting, i like it... but no buy, sorry.
  • TragicallyHip said 290 weeks ago

    I must agree though, I like a lot of the other designs from the portfolio site a lot more.
  • Palivizumab said 290 weeks ago

    yeahhhh BOUGHT.

    This is my first teefury tee.
    I've been waiting for one like this.
  • mybelle717 said 290 weeks ago

    bought it! The curating has been so great on here lately! Well done!
  • Recycledwax said 290 weeks ago

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  • Teknikas said 290 weeks ago

    Very cool, buying one for sure! I dig the colors & the random abstract, kinda surreal design.
  • Drew said 290 weeks ago

    i love J3, try and get a shirt up with one of his girl designs on it!
  • jasminee said 290 weeks ago

    reminds me of tokidoki without all the color
  • AlvinPing said 290 weeks ago

    I'd wan't to do cinematography

    thumbs up to you, good sir!
  • enpe said 290 weeks ago

    tragically hip... victoria?
  • jimiyo said 290 weeks ago

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    i wonder if young people recognized the John Shaft reference...

    pepper. thank you for your link. i found one i am going to order
  • peppersagooddog said 290 weeks ago

    lol fix ur link jimi it leads to here. or did you mean to do that? ;)

  • zepp62 said 290 weeks ago

    Tragically Hip. If you happen to see this, where do you play Ultimate? I too am an Ultimate player.
  • j3concepts said 290 weeks ago

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    hey thanks so far guys.
  • dictatortot said 290 weeks ago

    awesome design - bought
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 290 weeks ago

    LOL is that a uterus up at the top? Good design, I like it.
  • kixxster said 290 weeks ago

    i fricking love this design!
  • spastasticnomadic said 290 weeks ago

    Excellent. I'm definitely in for one. I just wish the shirts didn't take a month to get to me. It seems the processing and mailing times have slowed down greatly over the past few months.

    Enough of my Tuesday morning whinge, congrats on the print! I love the sand coloured tee greatly.
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