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Nice design but not sure about the white. -


  • teezee93 said 278 weeks ago

    Wohhh real cool design. Love the green and randomness to it. Oh and please, I don't want to hear people saying how they don't like it cause its a white shirt. DEAL. Okay, needed to say that. Anyways, awesome job.
  • teezee93 said 278 weeks ago

    ^^^^Like leahpoo up here^^^^
  • TeaCupBunny said 278 weeks ago

    the design is kinda interesting because it looks like there is all sorts of different things in it..but upon closer is just patterns and swirls. so it got me interested which is half the battle, but then it sorta let me down because there is nothing it's on a white tee, which i really don't like.

    i think it could've been better if it were all swirls n patterns or all random objects, or even both together but maybe done in a different manner like more mixed up instead of the objects on the right diagonal and the patterns more on the left just loks too unbalanced for me...

    But that is just my opinion. Props on getting printed reguardless!
  • leahpoo said 278 weeks ago

    Wow, just said I wasn't sure. I didn't start a riot against it. Keep your pants on.
  • KidHoliday said 278 weeks ago

    Looks like Mardi Gras in New Orleans to me.
    I dig it.
  • TeaCupBunny said 278 weeks ago

    sorry teezee93, i just had to say it. white just shows through so much! at least this design covers up the front area nicely...

    not to knock white tees horribly, i mean i know they have strengths as far as design goes.......

    oh i dunno, call me a shirt snob, i just have to stare at so many white tees at work it's nausiatin & i know how crazy cheap they are when they are bought in bulk
  • Stormink said 278 weeks ago

    Hehe. Intricate design, although its not my style sorry. But congrats on the print!
  • mattfoo said 278 weeks ago

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    Thank you, for the comments..and the chance to have my art printed.

    This here beautiful white shirt will accent your eyes perfectly.
    I love you.

  • Googooboyy said 278 weeks ago

    "Abstract on the values of morality"? Couldn't see it, but really tempting bold green on pure white. ; ) I like it!
  • jomus001 said 278 weeks ago

    I love, love, love the face (first picture on the right).
  • strommy said 278 weeks ago

    To all those that don't like white tees...

    Wear a long sleeve underneath! Wearing just a t-shirt is kind of a bland style to begin with. Throw a green or black long sleeve underneath this baby, push up the sleeves, and away you roll! If you're complaining you might spill something on it, simply learn how to eat!

    I'll take my free shirt now. :D
  • eludingsun said 278 weeks ago

    i love the first face on the side, of the woman. i would buy that in a heartbeat, if it was anything but white.
  • cardinalgoldstein said 278 weeks ago

    meow, not really a fan of white t-shirts. Design is interesting, maybe except for the skull in the bottom right. Guess I'll pass on this one.
  • Stormink said 278 weeks ago

    Strommy, I don't think I'd ever be caught dead in a t-shirt with a longsleeve underneath it hehe... white tees are fine for wearing under a zip-up hoody though, or something of the like.
  • Stormink said 278 weeks ago

    Let me just say... Nesquik > Yoohoo... just thought I'd add that. Although, Dave Chapelle all the way! DC represent!
  • matt2kool said 278 weeks ago

    i like the design sans the skull. something other than white would be good too. i still might get it though.
  • Jestik said 277 weeks ago

    nice, matt.
    I like the shade of green a lot, and the more I look at it, the more stuff I see hidden in the design.
  • Tikichris said 277 weeks ago

    There no need to hate if someone says they dont like white shirts ( the color of the shirt plays a huge role in my decision ). That being said, I love the greens but its just a bit to busy for my style.
  • Arrow said 277 weeks ago

    Great work! Congrats!
  • SlippyBog said 277 weeks ago

    Not my colors but sweet work
  • mattfoo said 277 weeks ago

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    Thank you!
  • shenfoo said 277 weeks ago

    ok, i had to sign up just to say this. teacupbunny left the stupidest comment i have ever read in my entire life. just swirls and patterns? are you blind? since when are birds, lizards, skulls, roses, musicians and music notes, snakes, celtic crosses, books, buildings, and jungles blended together in a cohesive way that makes it appealing to the eye just patterns and swirls. so i suggest you take another look and think before you speak.
  • Andy47240 said 277 weeks ago

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    You sound like a fun person. I enjoyed your side interview.
  • Musicology said 277 weeks ago

    I'm not sure "since when birds and jungles have blended together in a cohesive way that makes it appealing to the eye just patterns and swirls", but it's a great design. Guilty as charged, I'm not a huge fan of the white tee. I don't think white tees do designs any justice but the artwork is so good, I don't think that law applies with this tee. The music notes are definitely the cherry to my sundae.

    I think fate, having given me Christmas gift money and white eyeballs in need of accenting, is telling me to buy a shirt.
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