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Forget Me Not


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  • eliskimo said 35 weeks ago

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    Donna is my all-time favourite companion, but unfortunately I'm not all that fond of this shirt. I don't like things with skulls, even though I know they work with the tattoo-art motif, so the Vashta Nerada reference doesn't do it for me.
  • Maitri said 22 weeks ago

    Love the Donna shirt!! She's awesome.
  • CharlaFury said 18 weeks ago

    I adore Katherine Tate, who plays Donna. She is my favorite comedy character actress and companion.

    I really hope my mystery doctor who shirt is this one! I would have just bought it but the full price + Postage to the UK is ridiculous.
  • frutis87 said 15 weeks ago

    Why isn't this in brown :-(