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Stream of Consciousness


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  • andrewlb said 291 weeks ago

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    edgar yay!
  • Snowy said 291 weeks ago

    interesting design
  • matt2kool said 291 weeks ago

  • PlasticLawnchair said 291 weeks ago

    this is way cool.
  • eludingsun said 291 weeks ago

    interesting design, to say the least.
    the colours are beautiful.

    but i'm just not so sure still. hmm.
  • mybelle717 said 291 weeks ago

    Stream of Consciousness? I love references to literary terms! Thanks so much for making this beautiful design!
  • digitalnicotine said 291 weeks ago

    I love the concept of this design. Nice work.
  • 2thFairy said 291 weeks ago

    Yea!!!!!!! It's Edgar!!!!!
  • ansharp said 291 weeks ago

    This is beautiful, Edgar! As a huge fan of stream of consciousness and you, this is a must-have. I hope I look good in sand, lol.
  • nightchirp said 291 weeks ago

    I love the idea of this design and the design it's self. Design colours are really appropriate I'm not 100% on the shirt colour... I'd prefer it on a blue? or lighter grey?

    Love the Polar bear V Penguin Army Question btw!
  • nightchirp said 291 weeks ago

    OH! and digging the poem on the side panel!
  • heartluce said 291 weeks ago

    I saw the title pop up Stream of Consciousness, was intrigued, followed the title here to see Edgar's name then followed that to the shirt and I love it. Congrats on the print Edgar... very intricate and beautiful. A must buy for me.
  • phoenixgirrl said 291 weeks ago

    wow, such an incredibly cool design.

    so many places to look. congrats on the print edgar, and thank you mj for choosing this!
  • AdderXYU said 291 weeks ago

    The poem at the side is really gorgeously dark. And the print, well, if I had my way everything you've done would have a home on a shirt.
  • heartluce said 291 weeks ago

    Agree with Adder, was just looking at your blog and I really want them all.
  • Stormink said 291 weeks ago

    Cool design and very intricate! I love when people are dwarfed!!! And the calvin and hobbes comic on the same made me LOL.

  • HairyLump said 291 weeks ago

    Who's there?
  • IanVicious said 291 weeks ago

    wow. One of the most successful variations on the idea bubble theme, imo. Like it says in the sidebar, you're unafraid. I love the outcome.
  • roboroller said 291 weeks ago

    oh wow, this is wonderful. I'm sorry I can't justify buying it this close to Christmas, but it is a great design.
  • smilingjack said 291 weeks ago

    Still can't wear it as a shirt....I'm too old. As in, I could be your mother old.
    But Edgar, I would so buy any book you publish!
    I love looking at your art!
    I'll show it to my son. The mouse one too. You still might get two sales from me tonight.
    Your stuff is amazing. All of it!

  • Vo1ture said 291 weeks ago

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    Who's there?
  • sawbones84 said 291 weeks ago

    urm. interesting
  • snarkygal said 291 weeks ago

    smilingjack...age is not an excuse anymore lol...i am one of the oldies but I own 2 Edgar-designed shirts and I adore them. Who cares what Oprah says about nobody over 40 wearing graphic tees? NOT ME!

    Edgar, another great design from you. .
  • curb1510 said 291 weeks ago

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