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Hungry Hungry Robot


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Cute. -


  • Weninthebox said 292 weeks ago

    1st :P
  • heartluce said 292 weeks ago

  • peppersagooddog said 292 weeks ago

    yeah that was absolutely the right color choice!
  • eludingsun said 292 weeks ago

    i'm loving the tees lately.

    and these colours are awesome! nice job.
  • plungah said 292 weeks ago

    Hahah so weird. It's pretty cool though.
  • icecube said 292 weeks ago

    Yay, Demented! I was wondering when this was going to be up on TeeFury.
  • mybelle717 said 292 weeks ago

    Got mine =^.^=
  • smittenkitten said 292 weeks ago

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    Great design! Nice choice Wotto!
  • issachar said 292 weeks ago

    I hereby move that anyone who says "first" and any variation thereof have their comment deleted, account banned, and not be allowed to buy teefury shirts for the next 5 generations
  • Arrow said 292 weeks ago

    I always enjoy your work, congrats on this print and you anothersite win!!
  • maltzmania said 292 weeks ago

    Aweome job dude!
  • plungah said 292 weeks ago

    issachar, I concur. Every time someone says "first!" I /wrist.
  • kizat said 292 weeks ago


  • Stormink said 292 weeks ago

    Woah really interesting design! I like all the marks that can be seen even in something as smooth as metal. And nice choice of colors too. Good job TeeFury!
  • necrophyte said 292 weeks ago

    Looks like the embodiment of the saying, "lean mean eating machine."
  • kizat said 292 weeks ago


    Hi, I've lost my mind.
  • Googooboyy said 292 weeks ago

    Lol. From afar, it looks like an ape with a BlockHead! Cute artwork.
  • SleepyReagan said 292 weeks ago

    This comment isnt really about this tee specifically but rather this site altogether. First off, to the people that make a post right when the new tee goes up everyday and all they say is "FIRST", you people are truly pathetic. Secondly, I have only bought two shirts from here and will probably never again, the tees that these are printed on are very cheap and uncomfortable as all hell, teefury person please use AA shirts or at least a better quality shirt. It would not cost anymore to use better shirts, hell woot sells their using AA shirts for $1 cheaper! Lastly and again you people that post "Gargamel" are truly the scum of the earth and hell awaits you.
  • heids said 292 weeks ago

    to the comment above: chill out. we dont all wanna hear your sob story. there are quite a few of us who like teefury. if you dont like the site--stay off!!
  • Sick_Girl said 292 weeks ago

    Wow, SleepyReagan sure is a grumpypants!

    And I love the Alstyle shirts =(. I like that Teefury offers something different from everyone else.
  • TeaCupBunny said 292 weeks ago

    omg!! i think i might need to make my first will require opening a known xmas present early.....but this is just too awesome!
  • zebulon said 292 weeks ago

    This is a real quirky design that is awesome although not quite my style. Keep up the good work and keep the colous funky! Also people, chill out about the 'Gargamel' comments, have a sense of humour!
  • Arrow said 292 weeks ago

    Look at me everyone, I'm 'SleepyReagan'! Look at me complain on a site I don't like. Please someone look at how important my opinion is! ... I let meaningless comments from people posting 'first' on a disappearing message board drive me insane! They are horrible people. Don't you agree!? please? Anyone?

    Oh smurf it, maybe I should just buy from woot from now on, sorry for the long pointless comment. Sometimes I just don't think before I talk. It's all good though, I'm done.

  • igo2cairo said 292 weeks ago

    Wow, awesome concept, illustration and colour palette. Truly impressive work.
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